People may message you “WYD” for many reasons. The chief reasons are to simply pass the time or planning to do something with you. While there is always a coventional way to reply it, throwing a funny response paves the way to lively conversation and allow the two of you to enjoy a moment of laughter.

In some contexts, the opposite (or even same gender) may message you such in order to flirt with you and to gauge your desire in them. And then when it comes to colleagues, they often message such texts in order to start a lively conversation. The reason could be many but hilarious responses are excellent way to enjoy a hearty laugh.

What does the message What Are you Doing Imply?

If you receive such words from your friend or colleague, it is clear that the other person is thinking about you, usually in a positive way. Usually these kind of texts are the indirect way of asking whether you want to engage in conversation or want to spend some time with each other.

Should you Use A Sarcastic Tone to reply to WYD?

You could. But too much sarcasm can dilute the funny tone which might upset the recipient. Sarcasm is better used when you are not in the best of moods due to some action or behavior from a friend who is messaging you “WYD”.

Hilarious Replies to WYD Related to Afternoon and Evening time

Counting the remaining seconds for the sunset. Doing anything better?

Response : – “Wondering what would happened if the sun and moon had married? Well in that case, we would be having family gatherings at twilights and dawn.”

Visualizing how you would have looked in your undies when you were 2 year old and seriously am laughing my heart out.

Drafting a business email to Bill Gates so that he would send me the cheatcodes of the Solitaire game on Windows.

Mastering my skills to appear extremely busy in the workplace with minimal workload.

Response : – “Perfecting my couch-sitting skills. I take it very seriously.”

Right now? Well, invovled in serious negotiations with my mind related to consuming a Mac burger and it looks like my will power is about to lose.

Deleting the history on my Chrome browser of all the dirty websites that I visited yesterday and scanning each sector of hard drive in case I forgot some files to delete before wife finds out.

Flirty Responses to your Partner

Response : – “I was just visualizing about our next meet up. How about you?”

Deciphering your pleasure points without wanting to ask you.

Trying to focus on the work but getting distracted every now and then as my mind keeps reminding of your aroma.

Plotting a new way to surprise you in the bedroom. Any preferences?

Binding the memories of our time spent together till now in a digital book located in my subconscious.

Response : –Thinking of a creative reasons to get the kids out of the house for our fun session.

Hilarious Responses Related to Married life, Kids, Relatives & Workplace

Response : – “Was visualizing about spilling the coffee somehow on my Boss’s sarcastic looking face.”

Currently invovled in high-intensity chase of my toddler to bathe him after 2 days.

Thinking of diplomatic ways to answer my wife when she will ask “How am I looking in this attire?”

Negotiating a peace treaty between the kids and their arch-enemy i.e. the bed.

In the search of a guy named as mojo who is hiding somewhere in my mind.

I am perfecting the art of doing nothing. Trust me, it can be learnt.

Was preparing for the next round of session with my wife, our argument session.

Tightening my prostate muscles so that I could hold farts for a longer time especially during a meeting with the Boss.

My Dog was teaching me some of his language so that I could communicate better with my relatives.

Thinking about the sarcasms that the kids could throw on me today and therefore preparing the answers.

Hilarious Conversations Related to What are Doing?

Friend : – Hey, WhatsUp? What you doing mate?
Response : – Well, I was just mastering my speech for “World’s Best Couch Potato this month”
Friend : – That’s awesome. Do you mind if I am eligible to join this elite league?
Response : – Sure why not. But before I trained you for this, you must have the prerequisites for it.
Friend : – What are they?
Response : – 12 inch Pizza, 3 liters of Diet coke and a Netflix subscription.
Friend : – Oh cool. I was worried that you will ask some money to train me?
Response : – Ofcourse, fee is there too! You think am gonna train you for free?

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the need to use humor while replying to WYD?

Humor is a great way to avoid boring conversations, especially if somebody asks you a very common question. It is important to gauge the context of the question though. In serious or emergencies scenario, one should avoid humor and give appropriate replies only.