Dr. Vivek Bindra is a well-known YouTuber who creates content revolving around motivation, business coaching, how to start up, and similar topics. While Mr. Bindra has been active on YouTube since 2013, it was from 2017 onwards that his videos started going viral. His subscriber base is quite large on Youtube with nearly 21 million.

Vivek Bindra News

3rd Feb 2024 – Fighting Critical Illness

Dr. Vivek Bindra has been fighting a critical condition in the hospital for a week as per news shared by his team members. The nature of the condition has not been disclosed but the news says that Vivek has not been able to shoot the 8th part of the 10-Day MBA* course. It appears that the 8th part of the series may not be released on the usual upcoming Sunday (4th Feb 2024).

Bindra has been facing a hard time since December 2023 when popular motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari openly alleged that Bindra’s business is a scam. Coincidentally, Bindra’s second wife Yanika filed an FIR against Bindra for domestic violence during the same time.

Dr. Vivek Bindra’s Education

Mr. Bindra has done his bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Delhi University. He then obtained his Masters Degree in Marketing from Amity University.

Mr. Vivek Bindra Doctor Degree Title

Mr. Bindra puts a doctor’s title in front of his name. As per his LinkedIn profile, he obtained an Honorary Ph.D. Degree, Doctor of Philosophy. Entrepreneur states that Mr. Vivek Bindra acquired his Honorary Ph.D. degree, Doctorate of Philosophy from OIUM University of Colombo. Maheshwari Peri, the owner of Careers360 also stated that Mr. Bindra had acquired the degree from Open International University for Complementary Medicine’ based out of Sri Lanka.

Sandeep Maheshwari in one of his videos (at 8.50 minutes) indicated that Mr. Bindra may have obtained the PhD degree from an open university in Sri Lanka which is known to offer such degrees in exchange for money. Fake Ph.D. degree universities often allow the obtaining of such degrees without the actual completion of the study curriculum that is at par with the other Ph.D. institutes across the world.

TheNewIndianExpress published an article in 2014 that cited that OIUCM i.e. Open International University of Complementary Medicine is not recognised by UGC Sri Lanka.

Source : – NewIndianExpress

Dr. Vivek Bindra’s 10-Day MBA course

In December, Vivek Bindra started a series of 10 Day MBA. The title appeared misleading prima facie as the MBA degree is usually awarded for a 2-year study completion (for freshers) or for a 1-year curriculum completion for working professionals. The Day 1 and Day 2 videos of Vivek Bindra’s MBA courses garnered nearly a million views within the first 48 hours.

After a few days, AICTE released an official notification that stated that no such policy exists for the 10-day MBA course and that some influencers/ motivational speakers are trying to mislead the students.

It was then pointed out that the MBA* title is not representative of Master in Business Administration but rather of “My Business Association”. In the Day 1 and Day 2 videos of the MBA, there is a disclaimer about the title of the course. However, it cannot be cross-checked whether those disclaimers were put in place at the time of publishing those videos or whether they were incorporated later after the arrival of the AICTE notification about the fake MBA crash course.

As per Bindra’s official Instagram, Bada Business is the only organization to offer a Free MBA*. Care has to be taken here that MBA refers to “My Business Association”. It does not refer to the usual “Masters in Business Administration”

After the above notification was released by AICTE, the subsequent videos till now (as of 20th January 2024) have received a drastic reduction in views around 355K and 441K for the Day 4th and Day 5th MBA* videos as of 20th January 2024.

On 28th January 2024, Bindra released the 7th part of the 10 day MBA* course. While Bindra claimed that #join10daymba was trending, the Youtube viewership had slow traction just like the previous four videos of the 10 Day MBA* program.

On 21st Jan 2024, Bindra released the 6th part of the 10 Day MBA* course. The video has received slow traction compared to the previous 5 videos of this series.

Vivek Bindra’s IBC Model

Dr. Vivek Bindra had an IBC model as a service that his organization Bada Business sold to many people directly and through existing customers. Service name IBC stood for Independent Business Consulting.

In December, one YouTube channel reported that a lot of buyers of the IBC program were not only dissatisfied with the product and its content but also felt scammed as they were not getting refunds despite being promised a money-back guarantee verbally!

In one of the interviews, Mr. Bindra clearly stated (around 20:20 minute) that a small percentage of the IBC buyers, around 2% committed misselling, or over-commitment, and therefore, the organization refunded the money immediately for many buyers. However, the question can be asked that despite negligence or over-commitment from only 2% of sellers, why did the IBC model then have to be closed down?

Refund Policy of IBC program Fees!

The clarity of the refund policy of the IBC program was explained on YouTube by Dr. Vivek Bindra in an interview (around the 14.00 minute mark). Dr Bindra clearly explained that to be eligible for a refund, the buyer has to do an internship of 100 days! Dr. Bindra also claims that 2 -3 work hours every day is enough during the internship period. If the trainee is still unable to earn any money during the internship period also, then only he or she is eligible for a 100% refund as per Mr. Bindra as stated during the interview.

In one of the video, a person claiming to be IBC earlier, claimed (around 13:30 minute of the video) that the refund policy is not as smooth as it is claimed by the company.

In another video, a lady, who claimed to a victim, alleged (at around 15:30 minute) that not a single penny was refunded to her despite being promised verbally on calls with the senior manager.

Actual Policies for Refund for the IBC model?

While we had already covered the refund policy that Mr. Bindra had stated during the interview with Sagar Sinha, there is a video that indicate that there might be more conditions of policy that the buyer needs to abide by to be eligible for a 100 percent refund. We cannot guarantee the authenticity of the allegations in the video but the allegations are stated below.

1. Buying leads separately for cold calling to do the internship consecutively for 100 days. In case a day is skipped, then the 100-day internship journey will start from zero again.
2. Spending on Digital Marketing to acquire more leads.
3. If the internee makes a sale irrespective of the size of the purchase, then they will not be eligible for a refund in any case.

To be Updated……

Claims about Rs 10 Lakhs earnings per Month

There is a video in which Dr. Bindra can be seen claiming that his courses can make a person capable to earn nearly 10 Lakh rupees per month. During our research, we took a look at the average salary of employees at the organization of Dr. Vivek Bindra which is Bada Business. It was observed that the organization has between 200 – 500 employees and the average salary was 6 – 7 lakhs per year as per Glassdoor.

Maheshwar Peri On Vivek Bindra’s Bada Business Success Model

Peri, in one of the interview (around 1:20 minute) with Peepoye called for statistical data about the earninings of their consumers after consuming the courses/services of Bada Business. Peri also stated that often businesses like these presents anecdotal data of outliers to portray it as the average success of the majority of their course buyers. “This man says that 1 Lakh students bought his course. Let him give the data of 1 Lakh students. He won’t be having it because these people relish on showing of anecdotal data”, Peri said in the interview.

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