Sonu Sharma is a motivational speaker, corporate trainer and life coach from India. As per his official Youtube Channel, he is the founder of Dynamic India Group and is one of the youngest motivational speaker in the history of personal development in India.

Sonu Sharma Early Life

Sonu Sharma was born on 30th January as per a community post on his Youtube official channel. The year of his birth as available on many websites is 1978.

As per himself, he did his graduation from DAV college Faridabad. Sonu Sharma stated once that he got failed in both 9th and 11th class and during the 1st year of his graduation and finally accomplished his degree with lots of difficulty. He also stated that after his graduation got completed, his father let him knew about the debt of Rs 3 Lakhs which were used for his college fees. In 2001, he started Network Marketing.

Sonu Sharma Chartered Accountancy Claim

In one of the video, Sonu Sharma can be seen claiming that he completed his chartered accountancy in 2001 from Delhi and taught Income Tax for three to four years.

A Youtuber, however claimed that as per RTI reply, a person named Bhupinder Sharma has never done CA. A Pan Card was also shown in the video at 1:51 minute which claims that Sonu Sharma’s real name is Bhupinder Sharma and that his father name is Vishwa Bandhu Sharma.

Sonu Sharma Business Consultant and Coaching

As per his official website, Sonu Sharma has nearly twenty years of experience in Direct Sales Business. The website also states he has 22 years of experience and success in changing lives. Sonu Sharma claimed in 2023 that he was working as the corporate trainer for 150+ corporates such as Tata, Bajaj, Luminious and ICICI at that time. He also claimed that he got the doctorate degree from Harvard University in 2022.

During an interview (at 50:50 minute), Sonu Sharma was once asked about the unethical practics followed in MLM business. Sharma replied that there is no profession where people do not conduct unethical practices. Sharma emphasized that business is usually good however, there are all sorts of people involved in any industry. Sharma emphasized that if an influencer who gives promises of quick rich scheme is often a trap for disaster and that committment of 3 – 5 years (referring to network marketing ad MLM) is usually needed in order to accomplish big financial goals.

Sonu Sharma Other Business Ventures

In a podcast with Ranveer Alhabadia, Sonu Sharma revealed this he also has business ventures in Healthcare, cosmetics, homecare and nearly 500 products.

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