One of the ways in which people show their disinterest to talk about particular topic is by remarking “I don’t know”. Now, there is nothing wrong with it. The problem comes when friends start to use this phrase as a way to intentionally divert from the topic. There could be any reason for it.

May be the friend really doesn’t want to talk about it or may be he is trying to divert from it so that the conversation doesnt lead to any revelation. Deep down your intution can pick up the genuine reasons behind the remark “I don’t know”. If you believe that your friend using the remakr in order to suppress some spicy information that you desperately want to know, then feel free to shoot some hilarious responses which we are covering in this post.

What the hell exactly do you know then?

You really don’t know or do I have to extact it out of you?

I thought You were the know it all person. Remember that Google got inspired after knowing you?

Hmm. I don’t know it either. Do you think we should hire a detective to know the full story?

This is the perfect office Anthem “I don’t know”.

Ah, the universal response to all of life’s mysteries. You’re in good company.

Oh Really? Well, welcome to the ‘I don’t know’ support group.

Oh man. The famous words showing wisdom i.e. ‘I don’t know.’ Deep. Profound. Mysterious.”

Don’t worry because you are not alone in the “I don’t know” department. You have got some company now.

Sarcastic Responses

This is great. Atleast, you are a master in one field which is “I don’t know”.

Don’t you think this is just a synonym for “I will eventually get back to it later”

‘I don’t know’ is the secret password to the universe. We’re all just waiting for the punchline.”

Do you know what is the cornerstone of an effective leadership? It is “I don’t know”.

In the history of our management, these golden words “I don’t know” will be forever etched.