Satish Kushwaha is an Indian YouTuber who makes content about blogging and online earning. He has been active on YouTube since 2016 and started by making comedy videos on his channel. Later on, he started to bring people who were successfully making money from the Internet. One of the key aspects of Satish’s video is in revelation of the online earnings of the guests that he brings on his show.

Some lesser-known facts about Satish Khushwaha

  • Satish was born into a middle-class family. In the hope of making big, he moved to Bombay where he lived in the chawls of Bombay for many months. He used to make comedy videos initially.
  • He did engineering in Computer Science but opined that he did not enjoy coding.
  • He started making videos in 2012 and on Youtube shortly, however his full time YouTube started in 2016.
  • After a lot of struggle, he bought a home in Mumbai in 2019, an apartment, and shared his philosophy to never settle in life. He opines that an individual starts to degrade if he stays in his comfort zone.
  • One of the key aspects of Satish’s interview is that he reveals the income of his interviewee visually. While the name of the website and other details are hidden, earnings reports from the likes of Google Adsense are usually shown.
  • He is running multiple blogs, one of which is, a news website in Hindi.

Controversy about Satish Khushwaha

Raised Fake Guru Alert

Satish, in one of his videos, talked about the pandemic of Fake Gurus who are manipulating the youth into buying expensive courses. While he and his guest Pritam did not take any name, it appeared that the fake gurus being talked about were the likes of Vivek Bindra and Ankur Warikoo as their ads were rampant on social media, especially on YouTube.