Sanjay Dixit is a pro-hindiusm content creator who gained fame and recognition primarily from his Youtube channel The Jaipur Dialogues. Before embarking on the journey of a content creator, he donned several caps. He started his career as a marine engineer in merchant navy and transitioned to IAS from the 1986 cadre. He also served as the secretary of the Rajasthan Cricket Association.

Sanjay Dixit Education

He passed out as marine engineer from the DMET, Calcutta (Indian Maritime University). He has aquired several qualifications after becoming an IAS, with law being one of them.

Questioned Vikas Divyakriti For his IAS Selection

Vikas Divyakriti is the founder of Drishti IAS, a coaching institute for prepping students for IAS exam. As per various news publication websites, Divyakriti got AIR 384 on 4th June 1998. However, Sanjay Dixit, in one of his videos (aroud 1:00 minute), questioned Vikas Divyakriti about his selection in the IAS. Dixit wanted Vikas Divyakriti to prove the authenticity of his IAS recruitment which as per dixit, is one of his marketing lure to attract students for IAS coaching (Drishti IAS).Dixit claimed in his video that he got in touch with many of the IAS of Divyakriti’s cadre, but none could confirm about Vikas Divyakriti.

Divyakriti later stated in an interview (around 49:20 minute) that he got selected for the CISF (Assistant commandant post) in the 1996 upsc exam and disclosed his roll number 97484. Talking about the matter, Dixit replied in another of his video that Divyakriti is still lying about his selection in the UPSC as rank 384 (Divyakriti’s rank) was enough at that time (1996) to get the post of Income Tax and that such rank does not get Central Secretariat Service which Divyakriti claimed.

Tenure at Rajasthan Cricket Association

He served as the president of the Rajasthan Cricket Association from 2010 – 2012. He was suspended by then RCA president C.P Joshi due to intense division between the two factions of Sanjay Dixit and CP Joshi.

Spat With Shane Warne in 2011

Dixit claimed in 2011 that Rajasthan Royals captain Shane Warne had requested him to change the pitch to suit the home team. Warne was captain of the RR franchise at that time. Dixit stated on news channel that he didn’t replied to Warne’s text message for changing the pitch and that Warne publicly abused him later on after the loss to RCB which required Shilpa Shetty’s intervention.

The RCA filed a complaint to BCCI for Warne’s verbal spat with Dixit. Warne later tendered the apology to Dixit and was let off by the IPL Commission with a fine of $50,000.

The Jaipur Dialogues (2016 – Present)

Sanjay Dixit started the Youtube channel The Jaipur Dialogues in 2016 as a platform for “Right thinking people” as per the official website. His channel centers around pro-hinduism and Sanatani content but also sheds perspective on politics, geopolitics, and on trending news that involves clash, dispute or anything similar between the majority and minority community of India.

Heated Debate with Maulana Rashidi

In one of the interviews hosted by Amber Zaidi, the debate turned heated when Maulana Rashidi called Sanjay Dixit a “liar” (at 42:00 minute). Dixit, as per himself was reading the verdict of the Supreme Court on Babri Masjid when Rashidi interrupted and said that Dixit was reading a false statement.