No matter how much we try to be on our ideal personality with others, sometimes our nicest behaviours are taken for granted. While sarcastic remarks are never pleasant from anyone, they hurt even more when our juniors crosses the limit and makes us their center of attention for producing sarcasm.

Sarcastic remarks from a junior are downright disrespectful in the first place and they can be very discomforting. While it is very easy and sometimes even necessary to express anger to counter the insult, giving a subtle sarcastic cum funny reply to them at times can be much more befitting.

Before you decide to unleash your anger on them in the first gear, you can try to lighten the situation with your wit, spontaneity and creativite replies. Doing so will also remind your junior about the heirrachal nature of the workplace which may compel them to be more professional and respectful towards seniors.

Why do some people shoot sarcasm towards their seniors?

There could be multitude of reasons for that. However one of the common reasons could be the insecurities due to the unmatched value that their seniors bring to the table. Or they could be the venting out their own frustration on the senior people with whom they have become extremely friendly. Nevertheless, sarcasm only feels tolerable given by colleagues or from folks of equal statures in the workplace.

Responses to Juniors for their Sarcasm

I still don’t know what you are good at. But for now, you are extremely good at the sarcasm. Keep it up!

Dear! For the sake of your mental well-being, I would categorize that insult as “unheard” and “unbothered” in my mental cabinet.

I hope you had your breakfast today!!!!

Your sarcasm has really jolted me awake than the loud noise of my wife and the bright floruoscent lights of this office. I think we should replace you with the morning alarms! What do you say!

Was that an insult? Sorry, I only accept criticism now, that too in the written form only.

Well my friend. You do not want to start something that you may not be able to end on your own. Should we proceed?

Dear! Are you trying to deliver the best sarcasm of the day. Let us do warm up first.

Your sarcasm processor is working at its full speed. Any chance we could use that to solve our bottleneck problems too?

From which training institute you practised those sarcasms? I would like to join it too!

Be careful. I may start taking you very seriously. Then where we will be?

Well, luckily, my sarcasm detector is up. I thought it had gone down forever after I turned 35.

Wow, with sarcasm like that, who needs coffee to wake up in the morning? Keep it coming; it’s cheaper than espresso.

I really wonder the good deeds I have done in previous life to deserve these sweet sarcasms from you.

If there would ever be an Olympics for the sarcasm, you guys are the top contenders for the gold medal.

I will refer your sarcasm skills in the perfomance review. You may as well get perks for excelling at it in this organization.

If you were in the business of producing sarcasm, you would have been a billionaire by now. Alas, that is not the case!

You know you are extremely full of sarcasm that its leaking left right and center. Why not we channel your energy into productive work. Shall we?

Don’t you think your barometer of taken for granted is going way out of its limit?

Your attempt at an insult has been noted and filed under ‘Things to Laugh About Later.

I think our office is the playground for becoming future sarcasm champions isn’t it?