Mobiles and internet has made information truly accessible. It has also now become a major source of entertainment. While there is nothing wrong when people are submerged in their smartphones for professional reasons, engaging in it while talking to another person can be nothing short of rudeness.

You also must have witnessed in your case when your friend is showing his multi-tasking prowess by engaging in smarthphone and listening to you simultaneously. While, he could be listening, its likely that his brain is processing things which he is doing on the smartphone.

It can be understandable why this sort of behavior boils you. Such scenarios requires a befitting reply that let the other person know that you do not accept second priority behaviour from them. This post has lots of funny and sarcastic replies that you can throw to your friend in similar scenarios.

Funny Replies

Don’t mind me, I’ll just wait until you finish your date with your glowing rectangle.

I understand the allure of the digital abyss. Let me simply wait for you to return from the depths of your screen.

Hey, Should I install a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign between us? What do you say?

I am assuming that your phone is revealing some diamond secrets. Care to share it with me also?

I would highly recommend you to get married to a smartphone. It will give you everything.

Ah, the joy of conversing with someone whose best friend is a rectangle.

You know its really an honor to compete with the gravitational pull of your smartphone.

Sarcastic Responses when someone is second priortising you with phone in the midst of a conversation

I see your phone gets more attention than me. Should I be jealous?

You know you have really become a master in multi-tasking i.e. pretenting to listen while swiping right on dating apps.

I’ll just wait here while you finish your virtual conversation. No rush, I’ve got all day… apparently.

Waiting for your monologue to be over with your smartphone and then we can talk probably.

I didn’t realize I was competing with a tiny screen for your attention. Should I add more emojis to my speech?”