Former Pakistani cricketer Ahmed Shehzad is rampant these days about his opinions on Pakistani Cricket and its fiasco. The former cricketer who in his younger days was known to be a close resemblance of Virat Kohli has now strictly urged Mohsin Naqvi, to remove the entire grouping of Babar Azam from Pakistan Team so that new crop of players can come and perform better.

Shehzad didn’t minced words and stated that removing just 2 – 3 players from the Babar Led gang will not bring any positive changes in the team.

As if that wasn’t enough, Shehzad also claimed that most of the social media campaigns showing Babar Azam and his men in positive light despite cringeworthy performances are all paid campaigns which are run bt the PR agencies of the respective players. According to Shehzad, these campaigns cost lakhs of rupees but can be easily affordable by players like Babar who earn millions of rupees through central contract of PCB.

We have collected some of the campaigns that raise eyebrows like the below ones.

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Not only Babar Azam, but some posts do get viral for other players also like Azam Khan, who received plenty of recognition in this WC 2024 not for his performances or ability for his fitness which seems far off from the expected standards.

Shehzad urged the PCB chairman to take lessons from the likes of Cricket Australia and ECB, who took drastic measures of amending the domestic cricket after their disastrous performances back around in 2011 – 2012.