It’s strange how things have changed over the course of many years. Earlier, it used to be a challenge in order to stay connected digitally. Now, its hard to not be connected. The world has literally brught everyone together through digital highways. And speaking about digital medium, it has become more than easy to be in touch with each other through groups of various platforms.

Contrary to the popular belief, you do not have to use the group solely for professional reasons. Every now and then, you could come up with random things to start a lively conversation with the group mates. Ofcourse, the kind of random things that you could say would depend on your stature amongst the group members, the scenario and the rapport that you enjoy. And what could be a better choice to build rapport other than by throwing a funny message that could pave the way to great conversation. This post has plenty of such texts to shoot both for friends and office group chats.

I really wonder whether the mirrors get tired by reflecting all of our insecurities.

Just when I was about to think that my day couldn’t get any better, this group pops up a new notification.

I may not have back up for my videos and pictures but certainly for the old whatsapp messages.

Wow! Look at all of us. Solving the world’s problems with one Group message at a time.

My dog is teaching me its language so that I could communicate better with some of my relatives.

If you guys see less of my replies, its not because I am lazy but rather in energy-saving mode.

My phone battery lasts longer than a lot of my relationships.

Announcement Folks: I have decided to put “Excellent email communicator” on my resume.

Funny Random Facts To share in Groups

The shortest war in history lasted only 38 minutes between Britain and Zanzibar. Here, wifey hasn’t spoken to me in like 3 days! Should I declare it as war?

This whatsApp group is more hilarious than Two and half men and deserves to be broadcasted for advertisments.

In case anyone is interested, my cat farted in the most unique manner that has never been seen by the human mankind. Anyone want to see the evidence.

I have finally reached an age where the secret to happiness is revealed i.e. by ignoring all my problems and pretending that they don’t exists.

I’ve decided to embrace my inner child. So if anyone of you see me eating ice cream for the breakfast, then simply mind your own business.

I wonder whether my smartphone has become more smarter than me. It always corrects my spellings and typos.

I’m not addicted to coffee, we’re just in a committed relationship.

I have finally realized why the hell I am broke. It is because the money is not staying in my wallet for a long time courtesy of friends.

For Office Group Chats

Do you guys know why the math book looks sad? Because it always has too many problems without the solutions.

If we all are here, then who is making the coffee?

Ladies and Gentlemen. This group chat is specifically designed for one purpose i.e. to share memes and reduce productivity of our peers.

Thankfully, technology has allowed us share our thoughts and perspective without feeling each other’s stink and smelly feet.

Do you guys know that beer is the oldest recipe ever known in the world? Kudos to our ancestors for awesome taste!

I think my desk is plotting against me. It keeps shrinking every day.

If Alien’s were observing us humans, they certainly would make weird faces after getting to know our salary structure and work schedule.