Ramiz Raja is a former international cricketer who also gained recognition for his commentary after his cricketing career.

Known for pro-Babar stance

After being elected as the PCB chairman by Imran Khan, Ramiz Raja vowed to make substantial changes to Pakistan team mindset. On multiple occasions, Ramiz had strongly opined about letting the captain choose his players and run the team its way. Despite the Pakistani captain (at that time Babar) not scoring runs at a tempo required for the situation in many matches, it was observed that Ramiz, always had a pro-Babar stance and appeared to brush aside the elephant in the room which was Babar’s poor to average form with the bat and his laid back, non-aggressive captaincy, during the majority of Ramiz’s tenure as PCB chairman.

Tiff with Mohammad Yousuf (earlier known as Yousuf Youhana)

Ramiz Raja had a verbal spat with the former cricketer Mohammad Yousuf during a live telephonic conversation on GEO TV. The insults from both former cricketers were below the belt.
Mohammad Yousuf: – “You have done nothing in cricket. You can only talk because you didn’t knew how to play.”
Ramiz : – “You are a disgusting person and there is no one more disgusting than you in Pakistan cricket.”
Yousuf : – “People like you shouldn’t even speak on cricket”
Ramiz : – “Your talks have only damaged the Pakistan Cricket”
Yousuf: – “Don’t you feel ashamed talking about Cricket?”
Ramiz: : – “You don’t feel ashamed talking after keeping a huge beard?”
Yousuf : – “You should keep speaking English. You are a teacher of English and nothing more.”
Ramiz : – “You should speak right Urdu also. You have started speaking lies after growing out the beard.”
Yousuf : – “I don’t know anything except cricket and I talk only about it. Do you know how to play cricket?”
Ramiz :- You have played isn’t it? And that has caused damage to Pakistan Cricket.”
Yousuf : – “You are only a teacher of English and you don’t know anything else.”
Ramiz to Interviewer : – “Please don’t bring such disgusting people for debate with me.”
Yousuf : – “You are the digusting one who can file a case even on his relatives.”
Ramiz to Interviewer : – “Please don’t bring such fake maulvis (referring to Yousuf) on debate.”

Didn’t wanted to work with Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis

After Ramiz was evicted from PCB chairmanship in 2022, he made an explosive remark on Samaa TV that he would have never allowed the likes of Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis to get back into the Pakistan Cricket system once their name emerged in the Justice Qayyum report.

For the unverse, Justice Qayyum was the Pakistani High Court judge who oversaw the match-fixing cases of Pakistan in the late 90s to early 2000s. He awarded life ban to Salim Malik and Atar Ur Rehman and not only fined the likes of Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis but also made recommendations of limiting their involvement in the game.