Pritam Nagrale is a blogger, YouTuber, and digital marketer from India. It was in 2018 that people on Youtube came to know about him after his videos started going viral.


He was born and brought up in Rajasthan (0:45 minute). Nagrale completed Chemical Engineering in 1999 from Laxminarayan Institute of Technology (LIT) in Nagpur.


He once revealed that he was unable to find job through the campus placement and therefore did small jobs in Mumbai to earn livelihood.

Affiliate Marketing

Nagrale entered the field of affliate marketing in 2001 when the Internet was not widely spread in India like today. At present he runs a digital marketing training institute in Mumbai.

Controversies and Claims

His most well-known blog is

He was booked in an online fraud case in 2009 but was let off by the court in 2013 after the police did not find any incriminating evidence against Nagrale.

He claims to have earned more than Rs 1 crore from a small website. (16:09 minute)

He once opined that there are several influencers whose only aim is to sell the course by providing only superficial knowledge. He stated that a potential buyer should not pay heed to fake PRs of the influencers but instead check their social media handles to evaluate their knowledge of that particular course or service. He emphasizes that the course seller needs to have an authentic social media presence and display expertise in the same field of which he is selling the courses. (18:38 minute)

He once famously said that the word secret does not exist implying that shortcuts to success doesn’t exist. (20:57 minute)

Interesting facts about Pritam Nagrale

Once he started earning decent money around 2008 – 2009, he had a hard time explaining the nature of his online job to the families of the potential bride as internet marketing wasn’t well-known at that time. (2:07 minute)

He started his affiliate journey in 2001 but had to wait nearly three years to get his first paycheck in 2004 of $427. (5:23 minute) He used to visit cybercafes back then just to research about earning money from online sources.

He started blogging in 2008 and failed twice before making success in moneyconnexion, his third blog related to finance. He also earned significant revenue with blog.

These days he is teaching mainly about using AI-generated social media influencers.