People often remark “God Bless You” when you sneeze. The phrase however can also be used to wish someone good health and well-being. During the informal settings, out of the box and humor replies can go a long way to add liveliness to the conversation which can pave the way to other interesting topics to talk. Afterall, humor not only releases endorphins but also helps to bond with others. Therefore, feel free to use the below replies whenever someone remark with you the phrase “God Bless You”.

I am sure that I have pushed out all my previous sins with this sneeze.

Thank you dear! I request the same to him for you too!: – This is a reply which shows your sincerity for the other person’s good health and well-being.

God only needs to get my salary raised. That will alone do the blessings work : – That’s some smart humor and sarcasm in that reply. After all, it is true that financial stability can remove the major problems of your life.

I hope the blessing will come with an extra week of vacation also.

Yeah, If god grants me blessings, I will transfer it to wife’s brain because God and Wife are not on talking terms these days: – Its a reply that brilliantly tells about your banter with wife in a positive way.

Oh, how kind! I hope that blessing includes immunity to office politics.: – Politics is everywhere in our life, including our workplace. Therefore, use this reply to light-heartedly steer the conversation about your professional life.

I am sure he already has which is why life has blessed me with well-wishers like you!

May there be more people like you in my life who always wishes for the best!

Not needed. He has already blessed me with so much! : – The reply is bit sarcastic and cocky too and therefore you should use it with only your closed friends and relatives with whom you are currently enjoying positive equation.

May the divine grant you your deepest desire.

He loves to do that!

Well, I am saving that thing for the day when luck totally runs out.

Oh that’s really thoughtful of you! I will certainly add that into my collection of blessings.

Funny Replies to God Bless You

God is blessing me a lot these days, bad lucks to be specific!

Thank you! If there was a dollar for every well-wishes that I have been getting for the last 6 months, I would be a millionaire within few months!

That is so sweet of you. I will add that blessings to my LinkedIn endorsements also.

A blessing for my wife! I hope it includes a magical solution to never forgetting our anniversary.

Thanks! I’ll let HR know they can cancel the employee satisfaction survey this year.

Does the God has so much time for it? I heard he is extremely busy.

Thank you dear! I will let God know specifically that you requested him this!

He tried a lot! In the end, it doesn’t even matter.

Be sure that If God Bless me, I will bless you beyond your wildest dreams!

“Oh, bless your heart! Can I redeem it for good karma points?”

How much bribe does God need to do that?

Thank you! I’ll make sure to remind her she’s got heavenly approval now.

Appreciate it! Does that come with a coupon for a divine intervention?

Sarcastic Replies to May God Bless You

Thank you! I will tell my immune system that it has the much needed intervention from the divine itself from now on.

There is also lot of politics in God’s department about whom to bless and whom not to!

Hmm. I don’t doubt that God can do that. What I wonder is what will God trade for it?

As if things are going to change on its own?

Blessings for my fitness? So should I get the refund from my Gym membership?

Thank you! I’ll let my pharmacist know they can stop filling my prescriptions now.