Throughout the years, it has been observed that Pakistani bowlers, especially when they arrive fresh on the international scene, have quick pace, and are quick through the air mostly. Waseem Jaffer in an recent interview was asked about why Pakistani bowlers are quick (usually than the Indian pacers) to which the former Ranji heavyweight player gave a surprising reply.

Jaffer responded that the Pakistani bowlers are usually strong (suggesting stronger than the Indian counterparts) due to their diet and upbringing where they play local cricket matches mainly with the tape ball.

“Its for certain that they are physically very strong because of their diet or may be because they live in the north side.” Jaffer said during the podcast.

For those of you don’t know, bowlers can go for plenty of runs with tape ball cricket. The only way they can keep the batsman in check is through sheer pace, especially by being quick through the air. Also, tape ball swings in air with the help of extreme pace only.

“Players there play tape ball cricket mostly. Due to the tape ball, you can’t bowl slow there (in Pak). Because when you bowl fast then only the tape ball swings. So you will observe that all Pakistani bowlers bowl fast. They will very much be quick through the air even if they bowl differently (suggesting wayward bowling). But it is important to be quick through the air so that the ball can swing both ways. And this is why they do reverse swing also very well because they are usually quick through the air. This type of culture is not there in India. We usually play tennis ball cricket whereas kids play tape ball cricket there mostly. And this is why you usually get to see 150 + kmph bowlers from there.” Jaffer said on the BeerBiceps Podcast.

India has the Batting Culture unlike Pakistan

Speaking on the same interview, Jaffer also commented that while Pakistani kids are usually obsesses about fast bowling, the same cannot be said of there batting. He said that India usually has good batting culture than Pakistan and that Indian batters possess good technique.

Is Stardom the reason for bowling and batting culture in India and Pakistan?

While diet and differerent balls may influence fast bowling in both countries, I personally believe that the likes of Imran Khan, Waseem Akram and Waqar Younis who enjoys god like status in Pakistan played an important role in establishing raw pace bowling as the pinnacle of adrenaline in the minds of Pakistani Youth. Combining fast bowling with good looks and charisma can appeal to many youngsters which is why they may want to bowl fast with all their might.

In a country like India, where batters like Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar have brought recognition and glories to the nation, it may seem obvious why the aspiring cricketers want to master batting. And this could be the reason why a majority of aspiring cricketers in India want to become a batsman rather than a bowler.