Today in an ultra-competitive world, people refer to all sorts of tactics in order to sell their products and services. While their intentions might be understandable on some occasions, the same cannot be said of friends and relatives who promises to help during difficult times but do not put an iota of effort to do so when the time arrives. The authenticity of the willingness to help has gone down heavily in the last few decades.

Now this post is not a rant about such people, however there are times when you need to give befitting replies whenever your dear friend or relative refuses to even take a look at your problem, let alone trying to help you out in navigating through it. The funny and mostly sarcastic replies in this post can also be used for the servicemen (and other professionals) who made huge promises while trying to sell you something but under-delivered.

Funny Replies when service people over-promises and under-deliveres

I see you’re adhering to the ancient philosophy of ‘promise the moon, deliver a pebble.

You know what? I think you have definitely raised the bar of Over-promises with underperformance of the Year’ award.

Wow. You may not have perfected your service but certainly have mastered the art of of over-promising and under-delivering. I wish you do the reverse instead.

So, I can now assume that the ‘Helping Hand’ you promised got lost in the mail, huh?

What happened to your ‘Promise to the Rescue’ service? Is it running on ‘Snooze’ mode today!?

I didn’t knew that promises could also be like fireworks i.e. dazzling like anything in the beginning but then quickly fading out.

I really like your promises. It had the gravitational pull of the black hole, sucking in every hope and only leaving dissappointment.

I thought that your over-promises would power the Rocket to the Mars. But its a shame that it didn’t even got us through the Monday morning?

Ah, the classic tale of ‘promising Everest, delivering a molehill.

I asked for a helping hand but I think you misunderstood that to a dissappearing act.

Well, I must tell you that your watch really runs on the time zone of “Friend Standard Time”, which is a few hours behind the actual time.

Do you know the Department of Broken Dreams? I think you have taken training from them to give fake promises.

I must admit that your ability to vanish into thin air certainly rivals that of Houdini.

I thought you were offering me the delux version of your friendship but I guess it is the standard version that I am on.