Nitish Rajput is an Indian Youtuber who makes informative videos on trending topics on his Youtube channel. While he has been active from 2020, it was in 2021 that his channel started gaining traction. As per his Linkedin profile, he is the director and founder of Pinega Infosystem Private Limited.

Early Life

Rajput was born in the city of Sultanpur. As per media reports, he made great innovations in his family’s ISP business which earned him great success.

Nitish Rajput Education

Rajput completed his education from Jaycees Public School, a CBSE board affliated and did his graduation of Bachelors in Technology.

Companies of Nitish Rajput

Pinega Infosystem Private Limited is run by Nitish Rajput which was incoprorated on 26th October 2021 as per Zaubacorp. He is the founder and director of the company which provides various IT services like Mobile App Development, IT Consulting, Web Development, Staff Augmentation, Web Development, Digital Marketing and etc.

Nitish Rajput Job History

Nitish worked for Ericcsion company in 2015. As per his Linkedin profile, Nitish Rajput worked in the United Software Group Inc on a manager or similar role in 2016. Later he worked for Vastika, an IT company in the year 2017. He then moved to USG again in 2018 and worked there.

Why people watch Nitish Rajput Youtube videos?

Upon initial observation, it is found that Nitish Rajput tends to make elaborative videos on trending topics with lots of information cited from credible sources. Prima facie appears that Rajput tends to keep a neutral stance and present both sides of the story.

Nitish Rajput in Media

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