Niks Indian is an Indian pornstar who has been active in the porn industry for nearly 10 years. He was born in Varanasi. He is regarded as the first male pornstar from India who is working at an international level.

Family and Education

He has an elder brother. He did his engineering from Kanpur and his MBA from Mumbai.


He worked for nearly 8 years in Delhi after his MBA but kept contemplating the desire to work in the porn industry.

Why he entered the porn industry?

Niks was introduced to pornography in his teens through his friends. Seeing porn, he felt that the lives of the pornstar are full of fun. This inspired him to enter into the porn industry. During his engineering days, his exposure to pornography increased. Niks credit his friend who he met during his MBA stint, for giving him support to work an unconventional job which is pornstar. His girlfriend also supported him to work in the porn industry.

Lesser known facts about Niks Indian

He believes that bigger repoductive organ size helps in aesthetic purpose for shooting whereas an average size is enough to pleasure the partner.

His elder brother advises him to not have a website hosted in India.

He opines that people can always learn something from adult videos and implement it in their bedroom lives.

He has residentship of Europe.

He tried his hand in Bollywood and even did a few commercials with the likes of Tata Motors and Maruti Suzuki. He got chances to do a cameos in few serials.

By his admission, he was neither a good actor nor a good dancer. He was also never after fame but wanted to have fun with beautiful women. However, upon seeing the Bollywood industry, he realized the struggle and also was having a hard time fulfilling his carnal desires, therefore he went back to Delhi to do the job.

His desire for a porn career received setbacks in the form of visa rejection to Budapest in 2016.

Once, while shooting commercial porn, the neighbors complained of the moaning coming from Nik’s rented apartment. The landlord then messaged the pornstar to keep the voice down of his colleague.