Nana Patekar in an Indian actor who is known for his method style acting. He is widely recognized for his distinctive style of dialogue delivery and has portrayed diverse roles in Hindi roles.

Interesting Facts about Nana Patekar

He wishes that his command on the Hindi Language would be better. That would have allowed him to be a more well-known prominent actor in India as per himself. He jokingly asked Dwivedi to teach him the fluency of Hindi language.

Nana Patekar was extremely naughty in his childhood era as per his own admission in an interview. He even shared that his teachers used to sit along side him so that they could scold him then and there only without needing to get up from their chair.

He shifted to Girgaon when he was in the 7th Standard. He claims that he used to go municipal schools in his time where there used to be no fees of children. Actually, his mother sent him to aunt so that Nana would become sincere and study well. However, seeing the mischieviousness of Nana Patekar, his aunt sent him back to his mother so that her own children’s behaviour do not get affected for the worse due to Nana.

He shifted to Dadar from 8th Standard and attended 8th, 9th, 10th,and even 11th standard in Dadar. After his schooling, he enrolled in J J school of Arts in 1968 – 1969 where his tuition fees at that time was Rs 120.

His father had a business of textile printing earlier which went to loss as he was cheated by some of his partners or workers. After the colossal loss of his father’s business in 1963 – 1964, Nana had to resort to job where he used to get Rs 35 per month.

He used to do caligraphy for which he used to get paid Rs 1200 per month. The amount was significant in those times. He even used to paint Zebra Crossing on the road for which he used to get Rs 15 for painting one crossing. He stated that he used to do nearly 25 – 30 Zebra Crossing paintings per night.

He opines that it is easy to perform crying scene on the camera. This is because an actor needs to recollect emotions from one of the traumaus or triggering points of his life where he faced lot of sadness.

When Asked about Manisha Koirala?

Patekar was recently asked whether he is in touch with actress Manisha Koirala. The actor denied and joked that the actress’s phone number is not the same as before. While it appears that Patekar may not be on good terms with the actress right now however he praised the actress for her work in Heeramandi which was recently broadcasted on the OTT platform. Patekar and Koirala had a tumultous relationship in late 90s.

Manisha and Nana Patekar were in a relationship in the late 90s and broke up after Manisha caught him cheating with another actress.

Fight With Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Nana Chopra openly admitted that he doesn’t like Vidhu Vinod Chopra at all and that he wishes that his meeting with Chopra be his last whenever he meets him in public.

Background Story about his name Nana

The word “Nana” refers to maternal grandparent in Hindi language and this is why people have often wondered why the actor was named as Nana. During the Lallantop interview, the actor himself revealed that his original name was Vishwanath Gajanand Patekar but his mother’s friend used to call him Nana in his childhood days. And then the actor later decided to change his first name officially. He jokes that the name “Nana” suits well with the surname “Patekar” instead of something like “Kumar”.

Opinion on Rishi Kapoor

Nana was asked about his opinion on Rishi Kapoor in the interview and he stated that the late actor used to curse a lot. Patekar recalled the days of shooting the movie Hum Dono where he would request Rishi Kapoor to give another shot for the best outcome. The late actor would get mad and would curse Patekar.

Opinion on violence against Celebrities

When asked the incident where Kangana Ranaut was slapped at the Airport by female security guard, Nana Patekar strongly condemned the actions of the female security guard and said that no one should raise their hands on anyone (meaning celebrity here) even if they strongly disagree with political views o stance of the famous individuals.

Interestingly, Nana Patekar himself was embroiled in a controversery when he slapped a young fan who invaded on the set when Nana was shooting for a scene for the film “Journey” in Varanasi. The video of the incident went viral. The director of the film claimed that the incident was actually a planned scene of the film. However, this claim was debunked the young man himself who got slapped by Patekar.