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Shark Tank India brought prominent enterpreneurs of the country to more limelight. The season 1 witnessed huge ratings and the prominent reason for it was Ashneer Grover who hasn’t appeared in the last two seasons due to his BharatPe controvery. However, to say that other sharks didn’t contribute to entertainment wouldn’t be fair.

The likes of Aman Gupta, Anupam Mittal, Peyush Bansal and Namita Thapar have gained familiarity in the hearts of people. Today, we are focussing especially on Namita, whose funny, wit remarks and predictable replies have become really popular.

In this post, we are going to create some hilarious conversations between the pitcher and Namita Thapar that showcases her conversational personality traits of humor and trademark replies. This post should is only for entertainment purpose and should not be construded as roasting but before that, lets get to know some interesting things about Namita Thapar.

Interesting Facts about Namita Thapar

  1. Namita was born in a traditional Gujarati Family in 1977.
  2. She credits her mom for inspiring her to become an independent working women. Namita’s mother was married at a very early age and wasn’t able to pursue her passion because of that.
  3. She is a big fan of Amitabh Bacchan.
  4. Her favourite co-shark is Aman Gupta, the Boat founder. Namita opined in an interview with Raj Shamani that she can be extremely focus and serious about her work but Aman encouraged her to bring out her funny side on camera.
  5. She opines that a great leader always emphasizes on hiring people smarter than him.

Why people love Namita Thapar On Shark Tank India?

Her knack of numbers, leadership comes from the fact that Namita possess degree in Chartered Accountancy and MBA. She worked for nearly 6 years before joining her family business of Pharma industry.

Her business acumen coupled with her vibrant personality, wit and occasional light-hearted banter is an interesting aspect of watching Shark Tank India.

In fact, viewers who regularly watch Shark Tank India can sometimes even anticipate her replies like “Ye meri expertise nahi hai, toh I am out but I wish you all the very Best”. Viewers like Namita Thapar on Shark Tank for many things such as

Candid Reactions : – Namita’s facial expressions reaction can be priceless at times when the pitcher asks for an outlandish offer. Eyebrow-raising with skepticism, smiling in amusement are her non-verbal cues that often add humor to the proceedings.

Instanteous Witty Response: – Namita has a knack of numbers and therefore when a pitcher projects a vision without solid ground reality, her witty instantaenous replies sandwiched with constructive criticism without belittling the pitcher is not only entertaining but educational as well.

Her Famous Line : – When Namita doesn’t want to dive deep into the offer, she always gives her trademark response which is “Ye meri expertise nahi hai, toh I am out but I wish you all the very best” followed by a sincere close lipped smile.

Hypothetical Hilarious Conversation Between Namita Thapar and a Pitcher on Shark Tank India

Now that we have warmed you up about interesting things of Namita Thapar, let us create a hypothetical hilarious conversation between Namita and the pitcher for funding.

The pitcher is presenting his innovative app to Namita that records the intensity of snores and allows people to win prizes.

Contestant: “Hello Ladies and gentlemen of Shark Tank India. Today I am going to present a never thought before creative app called ‘The Snore Scorers’. This app which I thought of in my dreams, is programmed to record, rate, and rank your snores from ‘mild breeze’ to ‘jet engine’. While snoring may disturb your partner but this app allows you to channel your snoring into competitive sport! After all, being good at something is always a happy feeling, even if it is snoring!”

Namita Thapar: “Looks very Fascinating. And here I was thinking my only competition was in the boardroom, not the bedroom. Does this app comes with a trophy for the loudest snorer?”

Contestant: “Certainly yes Namita! Digital trophies, social sharing features, and a global leaderboard. Imagine being the Cristiano Ronaldo of snoring.”

Namita Thapar: “Global leaderboards. WOW!! So, if me and my husband score a ‘jet engine’ level, we could be celebrities right?”

Contestant: “Namita. You guys are already celebrity. But yes, Absolutely! More Fame, more glory, more shark tanks episodes, and a reason to buy high-quality expensive earplugs, all those dreams can come true courtesy of ‘The Snore Scorers’. This app is not only going to make the snorers happy but also the earplug industry.”

Namita Thapar: “And what if someone’s snore is gentle and low audible? Snoring is something which you can’t fake in sleep, right? How can we make those participants happy so that more and more people will find interest in using this app? Is there any consolation prizes for those low whisperers also ?”

Contestant: “Of course! According to me, every snorer deserves recognition. We award such snorers with ‘Gentle purrs’ category and they receive the ‘Silent Knight’ award which is something to not be ashamed of.”

Namita Thapar: “I see. ‘Silent Knight hmm’. That’s very clever. But tell me, does this app provide tutorials to improve snoring? You know, someone like me, who is extremely driven from childhood and competitive, how can this app help us aiming for the top of the charts?”

Contestant: “Tutorials will be there surely later on. By securing a funding from you, we will bring out version 2.0 to introduce our killer feature i.e. ‘Snore-aoke’, where competitive spirits like you can train to snore louder to popular tunes. Imagine snoring to the rhythm of your favourite actor Amitabh Bacchan’s song ‘Chuma chuma De De.”

Namita Thapar: “Snore-aoke… That seems very interesting. Or rather, noise. But before I think of investing in it, can this app differentiate between my snore and, let’s say, a chainsaw sound? I wouldn’t want to mistakenly challenge my neighbor’s carpentry projects.”

Contestant: “Mam. Trust me. The AI is top-notch in this app. It can differntiate easily between a snore from the chainsaw and from the farts. With fundings from here, we are going to fine-tune it so that it can also differentiate from the yelling of the disturbed partner”.

Namita Thapar: “That’s what I call Impressive technology. However, as tempted as I am to discover if I’m the god-gifted snoring queen of the world, I fear this niche might be too new as compared to my medical portfolio.

So, with a heavy heart and a quiet snore, I would like to say something, which I think you can easily predict.

Contestant: – Yes Namita. Not only me, the entire Universe can predict it!

Namita Thapar : – Wow! You really know your sharks well. I am impressed but since this niche is not my known playground therefore, I would like to say ‘Ye meri expertise nahi hai, toh I am out.’ But I sincerely wish you all the best in finding the symphony in snoring.”

Contestant: “Thank you, Ms. Thapar. It’s been an honor to pitch to you. Maybe one day, we’ll find out if you are indeed the snoring queen.”

Namita Thapar: “Perhaps, but for now, I’ll leave the snoring championships to the pros. Best of luck!”