Manoj Dey is an Indian YouTuber who makes content primarily around YouTube content creation, online earning and motivation. He is from Bihar, Dhanbad and his YouTube career started in 2016. After working for nearly two years, Manoj’s first AdSense channel got suspended. But that didn’t discourage him as he realized the mistake that caused him a suspension. Today he has 3 channels with nearly 7 million subscribers in total.

Manoj Dey Family

Manoj Dey has 6 members in his family which includes his father, mother, 2 sisters (one elder and younger), his grandmother, and Manoj himself.

Manoj Dey YouTube income per month

As per rough calculations shown by Manoj Dey himself, he could be earning anywhere above Rs 2.5 lakhs a month purely from Adsense. This is because his channel has started getting more than 40 million views per month. If we talk about sponsor posts, then Manoj usually does 5 sponsor posts a month. Depending on his average views of nearly 400k with nearly 5 million subscribers, Manoj Dey charges around Rs 5 Lakh for one sponsored video. Therefore, his total earnings per month are close to Rs 7 lakhs in the current scenario.

Manoj Dey’s Net Worth

Considering that Manoj Dey’s monthly income is around 7 lakhs, therefore it can be assumed with great certainty that Manoj Dey is earning close to 85 lakh rupees in one year. In the first year of his main channel, he earned close to 3 lakhs. Then in 2019, his earnings got elevated to 1 lakhs a month, and therefore his earnings in 2019 were close to 12 lakhs a month. 2020 and 2021 were a boon year for content creators due to the pandemic, and Manoj Dey’s channel received a huge boost. As of 2022, he was making close to Rs 2.5 lakhs a month purely from his Adsense account while his sponsored videos fetched close to nearly Rs 5 lakhs per video.

YearManoj Dey Total Earnings in Inr (approx)
20182 Lakhs
201912 Lakhs
202016 Lakhs
202118 Lakhs
202229 Lakhs
202335 Lakhs

Manoj dey car collection

Manoj Dey has several cars and bike collections that include the Tata Harrier, Maruti Suzuki Celerio, TVS Apache, and Royal Enfield Classic.

Interesting Lesser Known Facts About Manoj Dey

His father used to earn a mere Rs 250 per day.

Manoj was good in studies as his father wanted him to study well so that he could be able to do something meaningful in life. Manoj got 1st division in the 10th standard.

He used to give tuition while doing ITI to earn pocket money.

Back when his YouTube channel started gaining traction, he used to do sponsored videos for a mere Rs 500 also.

While working in Cyber Cafe, he got to know about earning from YouTube when he saw a video about the same.

His first channel on YouTube was about singing and guitar playing. He managed to acquire only 30 subscribers in 6 months. He then started another channel. This time it was about comedy. He worked for nearly 7 months but did not get any positive response. He then started a tech channel as he was fond of gadgets and electronic items.

He first told his family about YouTube after he had made $80 in revenue but unfortunately, that AdSense account got disabled permanently due to a violation of rules by Manoj Dey unintentionally.