Manas Samarth is an Indian YouTuber who makes videos primarily on naturopathy and holistic well-being. He claims to be a nutritionist and a certified diabetes expert after obtaining degrees from the coaching of Dr Biswaroop Roy Chaudhary and his companies.

As per his admission, he came on YouTube after his treatment with doctor Biswaroop Roy Chaudhary for cardiovascular issues went successful. He considers Bishwaroop Rai Chaudhary as his mentor and often spreads his advice on medical topics such as COVID-19, allopathic medicines, and natural treatments.


Not much is known about Manas Samarth’s early education but as per a website of him, it appears that Manas was doing diploma in naturopathy and in yogic sciences in 2020.

Controversy of Manas Samarth

Sudden break from Youtube

After creating videos which alleges about unscientific and dangerous treatments of Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, especially of kidney patients, Manas Samarth has not been seen on social media for the last four months.

Tiff with Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chaudhary

After need for years of working with Dr Vishwaroop Roy Choudhary Manas Samarth created YouTube videos criticizing the doctor and his treatment methods. Hidden started inviting form of patients of Biswaroop Roy Chaudhary who alleged that the doctor was not worthy to be trusted and that his treatments were not only successful but also unscientific

He raised questions about The authenticity of Ayurvedic and Naturopathy treatments done by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Choudhary and opined that the doctor is not only looting the people but is also playing with the lives of his patients. The controversy got stirred up when Dr. Bishwaroop Roy Choudhary refuted the claims made by Manas Samarth. Manas Samarth in his response claimed that he never took Commission for referring patients to Bishwaroop Roy Choudhary and that he bore his expenses of stay and food to cover the events and seminar posted by his mentor that’s why I’m playing that she never got any monitory benefit of preaching the same principles of Bishwaroop Roy Choudhary to the common people.