Kamiya Jani is an Indian food vlogger and Youtuber. She is the founder of Curly Tales, a popular platform related to food, travel and lifestyle. She also invites celebrities on her show and explore popular dishes of the regional area.

Early Life

Kamiya was born into a Sindhi Family (1:52 minute) in Mumbai in 1988 to Mohan Jani and Poonam Jani. She has a sister by the name of Payal Jani.

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Kamiya did her BMM in Journalism from 2002 – 2006.


She worked many profiles such as content writing, show presenter and associate producer, news anchoring for early morning business show and evening shows related to stock market. Before founding Curly Tales in 2016, she had spent almost 10 years in the corporate world. She stated that her desire to travel was the reason to put brakes on her well paying corporate career.

Interesting Facts about Kamiya Jani

Kamiya used to have an introvert nature in childhood and opined that her parents did not expected anything from her related to public speaking.

People used to know her for the distinctive curly hair rather through her name. She used to be called “Curly baalon vaali ladki” in school and college. Later on, she named her venture Curly Tales as she is known for her curly hair and tales means stories. (3:44 minute)

After putting down her resignation, she gave herself one year in order to earn livelihood from her own venture i.e. Curly Tales.

She worked as Lifestyle explorer, food Junkie and travel enthusiast during her corporate career.

Curly Tales started around 2016 as a Facebook page where she would write about her personal experience of travelling.

Speaking about herself, she once said that earlier the travel expenses were used to be from her own pocket but later on brands, hotels, resorts and other players of tourism industry used to sponsor her everything such as air tickets, meals and stay. (7:56 minute)

She often wakes up early and sleeps less due to her schedule. (5:10 minute)

She admits of getting bogged down with responsibilities of content creation, parenthood and family responsibilites but feels content in managing everything.

Her office hours are usually 8.30 to 5.30 p.m and she often carpools for environmental reasons. (5:33 minute).

Kamiya lives with her inlaws and her mother in law takes care of the daughter when Kamiya is out for work.

Her favourite destination in India is Goa (9:36 minute) whereas for solo trip, she is fond of Thailand and Dubai UAE. (10:53 minute). Thailand is her favourite because of ease in rules and regulations and absence of strict fines which is usually the case in Dubai.

Controversy about Kamiya Jani

Kamiya was enrolled in a controversy when several media outlets reported that the youtuber had consumed beef before visiting Jagganath Temple. Kamiya opined that she is a Hindu by birth and has never eaten beef nor will consume it in future. She also said that being a hindu, she will never promote beef eating.

Her interview of Salman Khan was one of the akward interviews ever as Salman gave only sarcastic answers to almost all of her questions.