It is no secret that exams are not the easiest of things for the kids. Today in an era where so much emphasis is placed on education, more and more students are spending time in studying and on screens without adequate physical activities. With stress and anxiety more in today’s children than at any other time, it is important as parents to keep the moods of our children light-hearted especially during exams.

Humor, by its nature not only lightens the mood but the feel good hormones are conducive to learning and recalling of information during critical exam moments. By indulging in funny talks with your kids, you also strengthen the parent-children bond. Humor also helps your child to perceive the exam in the right light and builds a foundation of a balanced perspective that helps to deal with difficult situations in life later on.

While you certainly want to say good luck to your kids, we have made it a bit more creative and lively for you in this post. The wishes include humor related to exams, dating, habits and etc.

Funny Exam wishes Including Habits

Here is wishing you a motivation that will be as strong as your desire to sleep throughout the day.

I know you have the ability to sleep through the alarms. Lets not discover a talent of your’s where you sleep through the exams.

If you can dream it, then you can do it too. May be just put in some actual hours of studying.

May your exam numbers be as high as the cockiness you show to your siblings.

You may forget to revise the important points in the morning but don’t forget to brush your teeth and a bath before going for exams. All the best!

I am not sure about your preparations but am definitely certain about your beautiful handwriting. May you make the most of it in tomorrow’s exam.

Hilarious good Luck for Exams Related to Teacher

Good luck to your exam. Remember in case you fail, you can always blame your teacher.

I wish your exam answers be as convincing as your teacher’s reasons for the homework.

I wish that your memory be as long as your teacher’s lectures.

Hey Daughter! If you encounter a difficult question, think about what your teacher would write, and then write the total opposite of that.

Laughable good Luck messages from parents related to Parenthood

Remember that you inherited beauty from me and the brains from your father. So if anything goes wrong, don’t come after me.

I am sure you very well know how important it is to do well in tomorrow’s exam. In case you don’t then be assured that your mother will make you eat all the vegetables in one sitting.

Give your best shot dear son. Please consider the reputation of our gene pool and give your all.

It doesn’t matter what happens. Remember that you will be favourite child because reminders don’t hurt actually.

Hilarious Best of Luck Wishes from Parents Including talks about Invigilator

Good luck! Remember if the invigilator stares at you, it is because you are too damn handsome, but not more than your father ofcourse!

Hey sonny! Giving the exam test may not be as hard as keeping eyes off from the beautiful invigilator. All the best!

Be careful to use discretion while making the eye contact with the invigilator. It can either indicate confidence or suspicion. Be wise!

Do Remember if the invigilator looks distressed, it will be not because of you but about the lunch menu. Good Luck!

May the beauty of your answers be more than the beauty of the invigilator.

Good luck for your exams! Just a polite reminder: Making an impression with your intelligence is more effective than with your stare.

Wishing you heaps of luck. If you accidentally make eye contact with the invigilator, just nod sagely. It’s all about the confidence

May your invigilator be too lazy to prevent you from cheating in the exams.

Funny Best of Luck including talks related to Dating

Hey Son! Just a tip! Treat this exam like you treat your crush i.e. with lots of attention and respect.

Hey Sonny. Don’t worry about the exams as they are like the ex-bfs and ex-gfs. Why? Because they harress you and make you cry.

Dear Kid! I hope you understand that giving your exam is like dating. Write whatever, just don’t cheat!

I wish you a laser-sharp focus while giving your exam just like you have it when you are spending time with your girlfriend.

I am sure your exam will go as smooth as your first date. Oh wait, I think you did more than smooth on your first date if am not wrong.

I hope you understand that just like with dating, charm alone doesn’t get you the best marks. Actualy answers do!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should give Hilarious Best Of luck Wishes?

The day before the exams can be nerve-wracking for both kids and their parents. The sheer expectation to do well can take a toll on the kid. Therefore, it is important to keep a lightened mood during exam preparation so that the children can give their very best. When you give hearty-laugh best of luck, it not only enhances their mood but also gives them the right perspective that the results of the exams are not the end of the world.

What are the other things to help your children while exam preparation?

Adquate rest, off-screen time with proper nutrition is the key for good preparation. Speaking to Az1Network, Dr. Abhilasha Agarwal, Clinical Psychologist from Jaipur emphasizes sleep for adequate rest, along with quality nutrition.

“While entertainment is important for unwinding, sleep is extremely helpful for brain rejuvenation. Today’s kids are getting lesser sleep than their previous generations due to the availability of the round the clock entertainment on digital platforms. Quality sleep before the exam helps the brain to effectively rejuvenate itself, which not only keeps anxiety in check but also aids in information recalling at the critical hour. Then there is the nutrition too. Often anxiety and stress makes students to skip their meal. It shouldn’t be this way. Good sleep and proper nutrition go hand in hand.” says Dr. Abhilasha Agarwal.

It is also important to keep realistic expectations and to emphasize their children on giving their best instead of trying to be the best. Your balanced perspective towads the importance of exams helps in the mental well-being of your children too.