To say that the Human Resources (HR) department is crucial in any organization would be an understatement. They play a major role in employee management, in cultivation the organization’s culture and ensure that compliance is achieved with labor laws.

Their main responsibilities include recruitment, training, performance management, and employee welfare which directly influences the employee retention and a harmonius culture within the organization.

You may ask why jokes should be created around HRs? First of all, they are a stress-reliever but they also highlight the complexities and challenges in light-hearted manner that HRs face in their worklife. Its a way of acknowledging the multi-faceted world of the human resource managers. And more importantly, Jokes at workplace also promote a sense of camaraderie.

HRs face many scenarios in their day to day operations and we have crafted jokes about them in different situations to make them relatable. So lets begin with them.

Morning Routine : – What does an HR practice every morning? Think of different excuses which employees will come up for salary raise and prepare diplomatic answers.

Resume Overload : – When does the HR manager looks to hire a therapist? At the time when they get too many resumes, with “attachments”. The therapist advised them to indulge in part-time side hustle to feel better. The HR then came up with the idea of a side hustle of ‘paper recycling’ because they had enough paper resumes in their bucket.

Alternative Career : – An HR once thought about a different career that would suit her. The idea of Sports referee came to her mind because mediating workplace disputes was like officiating a sports game to her. She thought of becoming a dating coach because setting up people on dates seems like a walk in park as compared to matching candidates with the right jobs. Plus, dating is a field where ghosting is accepted.

Sudden Absent Email : – How does an HR respond when an employee puts a sudden absent email? “Thanks for the update! I was thinking to send a search party to the nearest coffee shop. Let me know if we should include the search on your favorite bakery as well.'”

Dress Code Dilemma : – An HR never forgets to bring the ruler in the office. You may ask why? Because they always makes sure that the dress code policy is “measured” up. The ruler also comes in handy for them to measure ‘productivity’ of the employees.

Negotiations: – HRs can be good at many things but they can never be good kidnappers. Why? Because they always negotiate the money in the down direction.

Perfect Job : – An HR was recently fired from the company. When contemplating to opt for another career, she thought of gardening. Because she had acquired ample experience of dealing with “toxicity”.

Favourite Game : – What is the favourite game of the HRs? Gambling. Every morning they gamble on colleagues who will be on sudden leave on the next day and they are pretty good at it.

HRs gambling on names who will put in sudden absent mail the next day.

Favourite Equipment : – HR’s favourite equipment at the office is a ladder. Because they remind her of career advancement’ discussions with the boss. Also they have heard about the corporate ladder but they feel like taking a direct route.

Deepest Desire : – An HR’s deepest desire is the ability to travel in the past so that she can do intense performance evaluation of the employees.

Installing the Mirror : – Do you know why the HR installed a mirror in the office? To say that they will reflect on it when an employee asks for feedback.


HRs do not get the recognition for the value they bring to the table. We hope you have enjoyed these light-hearted jokes that highlights how important they are to the success of any organization. Feel free to share them with your favourite HR manager or send them on their birthday too.