Sometimes you encounter situations in your personal and professional life where you have no preference or interest regarding the decision-making or about a particular situation.

May be the matter is so trivial that you don’t feel like spending your attention. In such circumstances, you may utter “I don’t care.”

However, the phrase can be perceived negatively at times and this is why one needs to be mindful of saying it which sometimes may require tactical approach.

Thankfully, there are better and polite ways of saying it and in this post, we are going to tell you how to do it.

Why it can get perceived negatively?

No matter how deep your friendship is or how good rapport you enjoy with your colleague, there are various reasons why saying phrase “I don’t care” can seem hurtful to the recipient.

DismisivenessUsing the phrase might indicate that you are not concerned what the other person is saying.
Appearing InsensitiveIf the topics is of grave importance, then saying “I don’t care” can come across as insensitive.
Conflict EscalationIts never advisable to say to use such phrase during a heated conversation as the tension may escalate.

What to Keep in mind Before saying “I Don’t care”

Impact on Relationships: – Using the phrase could strain the relationship especially if things have been going rocky for quite sometime.

Context and Timing: – Sometimes, its best to not express indifferences. The lack of interest can be expressed later on when the heat has subsided down.

Exploring the Alternatives: – There are many other ways to use which are polite and also expressed your feelings.

Polite Alternatives

I am open to any solution that you guys come up with.: – This is a great example to be used in professional setting where your team is involved in tackling an important deal.

I trust your judgement completely : – This reply can also be used in informal settings with your friends and aquaintances.

Whether we win or lose in the end, I am totally going to be non-judgemental about your decision on how we will proceed.: – Perfect example to be used for a senior colleague.

I am going to give my 100 percent to your decisions.

I am perfectly alright with what you decide.

I am open to suggestions. : – This is a brilliant way in a workplace to remove the attention from the fact that you don’t know about something and therefore are seeking suggestions of others.

I am totally flexible in this circumstance.

As long we give our best, I am ok with any method to execute.: – This is a way to boost morale of the team when you are about to execute a plan for which the stakes are really high.

I am supportive of any plan that you guys suggest.

I am perfectly neutral on the matter.: – Perfect answer when you are present between senior folks and are asked to raise your opinion on something which you are least bothered about.

Funny Ways to Express “I Don’t Care” In Different Scenarios

When choosing the food from the menu: – My stomach is currently on the silent mode. May be it will digest whatever you guys order.

Picking outing destination: – We can go anywhere as long. Hopefully the place will not require any spacesuit though.

Weekend Plans: – I am on polarising mood right now. So either we will conquer the heights of the Mountain Everest or explore the depths of the couch. You folks decide!

Choosing a movie: – As long as it’s not a documentary on paint drying, count me in.

Different Contexts Relevant Replies

For food ordering : – Today I am open-minded just like the buffet table. Feel free to order anything for me.

Choosing a movie to watch: – Whatever works for you. I am not really picky today. I think all options are watchable.

Selecting the outfit: – I am hardly a bit fussy about what to wear honestly. I trust your fashion sense more than mine.

Deciding the playlist: – I am totally cool whatever beats you pick. Am here for the vibe, as long as it is there, I am cool.


Its not that you can never ever express “I don’t care” bluntly. When the mood is light-hearted or the attention demanding scenario seems trivial, feel free to say that phrase without any second thought. However, due consideration may be needed when the conversation requires your attentiveness and value addition.