The question “How are you” reflects that the asker is considerate about you. Many people even use similar phrases to start a conversation for selfish reasons, like to extract some information. In this article, we are considering that the people asking or messaging you such phrases are your friends, crushers, or at least well-wishers at the workplace.

To them, a sincere and straightforward answer rarely requires any second thought. But when it comes to giving a smart answer, especially at the workplace and in the flirting scenario, then you may need some creativity. In this post, we are going to give you exactly that assistance. But before diving into them, let us discuss things to keep in mind when asked “How are you?”

What you should keep in mind before giving such a reply?

The reply for such phrases depends on the scenario and the sender. Do you want to give an honest reply that leads to only a short conversation or want to say something different that may lead to interesting topics to chat about?

Imagine being at the workplace and somebody asks you that phrase after you had your fight with a colleague. You may not want to give an explicit reply but rather a toned-down but funny response that expresses the feeling that your mind is going through.

Flirty replies are not recommended to be used at the workplace but funny responses can be used by choosing the right words which can reveal your honest feelings without going too much into the detail.

Funny Replies for Workplace and Informal Scenarios

Well, I am living the dream! Just don’t know whose dream it is. : – This light-humored but honest reply of “How are you” reflects that you are not enjoying the work and that you are just working for the sake of salary. This reply could also fit perfectly in an informal scenario when your friend asks you about your future career.

I am like a printer on a Monday morning with 55 pages per minute speed but gets frequently jammed on Friday evening. : – The reply reflects that you are working way too hard.

I am like a juggler with too many balls in my two hands. If any balls drop, then pretend to ignore it.” : – The light-hearted response indicates that you are handling too many things at one time and there is a likelihood that you may commit a mistake.

I am feeling like a diplomat after averting a fight with the Team Leader of another department. I think I need to include that skill in my resume: – With this response, you are venting out about the unpleasant experience with another colleague in a manner that couldn’t be politer.

I am doing fine like a magician but wishes to make my presence disappear in any meeting.” : – Imagine a scenario when you are looking to avoid meeting with your boss and your colleague asks “How are you”. This reply subtly reflects your feelings.

I feel like the Wikipedia of this place, which can be accessed with a humble personality and smile and without any Internet of course. : – If you feel like a highly sought-after person at the workplace, then you can use this response, preferably to colleagues only and not your superiors!

I feel like a compass who is without a needle of course. But thanks for asking.: A perfect reply in case you are assigned to a new project without guidelines.

Like a detective solving a mystery without clues because my boss hid them. It’s a game of professional hide and seek you know: – A response when you are assigned under someone who you consider stupid as anything. You can use this reply with someone with whom you share a great rapport.

These days, I am like the crystal ball that not only gives stock market, and weather forecasts but also relationship counseling, etc.: – Sometimes, people expect you to know everything. This reply is perfect to use in scenarios where knowledge apart from your domain expertise is requested constantly!

Currently involved in negotiating a peace treaty after an epic battle with the team leader. : – Perfect response to say when you have gone through a mini-fight with a team leader.

I have now nicknamed every of these office lights as I often talk to them when everyone has gone.: – Its a good way to describe that you are working over-time.

Flirty Replies

As mentioned earlier, flirty replies should never be used in the workplace. Flirty Replies can be used with friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, and spouses. With them, you can spice up areas of your relationship. The prerequisite of using them on friends is great rapport.

  • Hmm. Well, let’s just say that I am a lot better now that you are here. Funny, how your presence has the power to improve my mood in a second.
  • Acknowledging that God does listen. Was just wishing that you ask me about my well-being. And here you are asking.
  • Feeling good but could have been feeling amazing if the two of us had grabbed a meal some time ago. It is not too late even now.
  • Ever heard about the book on a high shelf? I am feeling like that, only to be picked up by someone special.
  • Your personality and vibes release carbs and caffeine in my nervous system. May the dosage keep coming forever.