The Festival of Colors i.e. Holi is a auspicious occasion in India which transcends culture and religion. In the year 2024, Holi will be celebrated from 24th – 25th March. Holi is renowned for making up with your enemies where people greet each other with powder colors and colored water. Its an occasion which encourages the belief of leaving aside differences and wiping out the grudges for a new start.

It is a tradition to send well-wishes and blessings to your friends, family and social circle on festivals. And the occasion of Holi is no different. While everyone looks to send unique wishes, very rarely do people think of replying back creatively. Upon receiving a Happy Holi message, you may wish to reply with one of the Happy Holi messages in your WhatsApp but if you are replying to your close friends and relatives then you may enjoy giving a personalized reply.

If you do that, not only it breaks the ice but allows you to have a moment of laughter also. Such replies paves the way for a lively conversation which adds an extra layer of fun and happiness to the celebrations. But before that, let us start with some sparkling and colorful wishes below.

Holi WhatsApp Status Unique Wishes for 2024

“May your life be as colourful and sweet as this awesome festival.

“Let’s vow to play Holi only if we promise to clean up the walls, roads and each other’s faces where we have splashed colors.”

“Happy Holi to everyone who will become the master artist today. Can’t wait to see your work on everyone’s faces.”

“Hoping that your Holi be Wet and Messy but definitely not like the politics around you.”

“Wishing a sweet Holi for everyone but not sweet as the revenge you are trying to accomplish.”

“May the memory of color splashes and drenching in this Holi remains longer than the paint of your walls.”

“Happy Holi to the people who put colors of happiness, health and gratitude in my life.”

“To all the fake people, may this Holi be as bright to your social media filters.”

Hilarious Holi Messages for GirlFriend & Boyfriend (and For Exes too :D)

“Been practising my aim water balloons. Lets us see if we love is truly blind!”

“Happy Holi to an awesome guy who adds more colors in my life than the Bollywood songs.”

“Hey Happy Holi! I am sure that your celebrations will be as colorful as the drama we made. But hoping you try not to color your red flags!”

“Hoping that this holi adds vibrancy and happiness to your life, just like you did to mine – Temporarily though!”

Stand out Creative Replies with Images

When you have received tons of Holi messages, it may feel boring to wish them back in the same manner. Instead, use the creative replies below that are humorous and few are sarcastic also.

“Thank you so much! Today, I have a vacancy for the professional color remover. The compensation includes two boxes of sweets along with few glasses of Bhang!”

A funny image of Professional color remover wiping out colors from the faces of Holi after celebration

“The day has come when me and my neighbour are about to merged into the “Colorful Relationship”. They may not know my name but they will certainly remember it for lifetime after today’s rainbow seige!”

“I have installed an AI in my system this year that will make me dodge from every drop of color. Good luck trying to color me!”

Man trying to funnily dodge Holi colors and water

“Well, lets just say that I will make the color-blind to be able to see colors for today!”

“Lets mark it as the National day for invading personal space.”

“Its the best day today to not only get close to your crush but to also throw dirt (on the disguise of color) onto your most hated person.”

“Planning to attack my office critics so fiercely today that they will conduct video meetings in black and white for a month!”

Man trying to put colors on the face of his boss who looks funny reluctant

“Holi should be renamed to Happy Camouflage day! Its the day I could conduct a successful stealth operation at my relatives.”

“Its the day I wait every year to become a human rainbow, however if I somehow scare you today, then please don’t beat me up.”

“Lets make a pact to color each other in such a way that our spouses could bear our look for three days!”

Wife cannot control laughter after seeing her husband splashed with colors and water on Holi

“May your washing machine forgive you the torture that your dirty clothes are going to give it today. As for me, my girlfriend has already warned me that I would be hanged in the museum, if I come back looking like a color palette.”

“I wish you such a blastful holi that the rainbow makes notes of you today!”

Social Etiquettes while playing Holi

While it may be easy to celebrate the festival with fervour and enthusiasm, maintaining social etiquettes ensure that everyone can enjoy the festival respectfully. Here are some crucial etiquttes to keep in mind while playing Holi.

  1. Make sure that the other person is comfortable with you smearing color on the faces their face. When in doubt, ask for consent, especially if there is an opposite gender and people of old ages.
  2. Do not apply the colors on your pets and stray animals. A lot of dry colors are made from Mercury Sulfate and Metal Oxides. They can cause inflammation and skin allergies to animals.
  3. Loud music during the festival celebration can also cause convenience to some people who wish not to participate due to any reason. Respect their choices and keep the decibel within the normal range.
  4. Refrain from throwing water balloons on moving vehicles as doing so can cause serious accidents.
  5. Be mindful of water usage. If possible, limit the celebrations to only dry color powder.
  6. Do your best to not spoil public properties and buildings with both dry and water colors.