Its not uncommon for humans to fart their heart-out when they are alone. However, the same cannot be said when people are in a group, especially in an professional environment. As much as we try, the digestive functions at times get the better out of us and the farts can trigger the nearby people into laughter and disgust.

No matter how much rapport you share with your group, the first few minutes after the spread of the fart are extremely nerve-wracking for the releaser. The vicinity becomes dead-silent and the situation becomes akward as no one knows the releaser. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. By throwing around some humorous sentences, you can actually utilize the moment to share some laughter. After all, a dose of laughter is good for everyone isn’t it!

How to react when someone farts in your vicinity?

Ignore : – In case you don’t know how to react, then ignoring the situation is the best way to deal. Doing so can also prevent embarrasment for the person.
Use humor (if appropriate) : – If you enjoy rapport with the person and the surrounding people, you can use humor to share a moment of laughter with everyone. The intent is to lighten the situation and not to embarrass the releaser.
Leave the area with some random excuse : – Just because you have to be considerate to the person, doesn’t mean you have to remain there only in order to prevent akwardness. If the odor is strong and unbearable, you can find some randon reason to leave the area for few minutes.
Don’t pinpoint the person : – Pinpointing the person for the fart release can be extremely embarrasing. Its important to refrain from doing so even though if you know who did it. And if you want to use humor, then craft it in such a way that it doesn’t reveal the person so that everyone can enjoy a laughter without feeling uncomfortable.

Funny Sentences for the Office Environment

“A surprise performance by the office band. No instruments, just talent. And pure digestion. Encore performances are not encouraged, but they seem inevitable.”

“Someone’s trying to set a new kind of office record. Should we applaud or just open a window? History is made by those who dare to break the silence.”

Funny image of office people opening windows for fresh air as someone has farted

“I think a new deadline needs to be set urgently for an important work. A deadline to open the windows for fresh air. This work needs to be done urgently so lets accelerate it guys.”

“Goodness Gracious! That’s some way to clear the room isn’t it!”

“Hmm. You guys surely know how to get my attention isn’t it!”

“There goes a secret whisper from the underworld.”

“Wow, that was from the heart…or somewhere close by!”

“I don’t know but should we call the fire department because someone has let out a big gas.”

“Freedom of expression is a good thing but I think your chair took it too far isn’t it!”

“I hope that wasn’t a warning! Should I be concerned?”

“I think we have discovered new form of office communication.”

For Your Spouse and Children

While you may need to be sensitive and careful around the office people, there is some advantage to having a spouse and children in the fact that you can speak your heart out sometimes. And what better scenario to murmer few funny lines than when they fart out.

“Is this your way of saying how much you love me? Or are you inventing a new biological weapon that can knock out your colleagues trying to get promotion? Well, its objectionable in former, but certainly a powerful weapon for the latter scenario.”

Image of Wife and children are laughing their heart out because the husband has farted

“Kids! You guys are officially now the “Champions of the Gas Giants”. Are you guys trying to impresse me with your chemical warfare drills today?”

“Honey? I don’t think we need to worry about installing alarms for the intruders. You seem to have a really strong in-built defense mechanism with your fart that can knock anyone out, including you yourself.”

“Sonny! I think the ancient spirits of the sewers has come into your being. Are they going to stay for the whole night or they are just passing through?”

Important things to keep in mind before joking about the Fart

Its important to note that funny sentences should be used upon considering the office culture, the personalities involved and the rapport that you share with the person. If medical discomfort is the cause of the fart, it is advisable to refrain from making any funny comment and instead showing genuine concern.

Jokes that work in a laid-back environment might not be appropriate in the formal scenario. Also, gauging the occasion is important as the releaser might be feeling extremely embarrased about the situation.

The intent is to induce a laughter in a manner that everyone feels comfortable, especially the releaser. At the same time, you need to be willing to offer an apology if the joke doesn’t land right as expected. How your colleague (or anyone) perceived the joke is more important than the joke itself.