Humor is an essential component of human conversation. At times when people ask whether you are ready or not, you can give a lively reply instead of a conventional one. Now, I am not suggesting that you give out funny responses to your boss however, you can always experiment them on your colleagues, spouse, and certainly on friends and relatives.

I am assuming that your relatives need some dosage of spontaneous funny and sarcastic replies to their questions. Be it from India or the USA, all relatives have genetics inherited from their ancestors, which is to taunt their siblings and relatives. Therefore, feel free to venge all of that with these funny replies whenever they ask you “Are you Ready”

Yeah totally. What the ***k do you think I am waiting for?

I am so ready that I have already had my celebration video done last night.

I am eager like a boy to lose his virginity.

I was born with an ever-ready battery inside me. Just don’t ask where.

Hmm.. I don’t know. The body seems to be here. The mind seems to be somewhere else. But let’s see.

Never I have heard a more retarded question than this!

I am so ready that I am gonna surprise everyone, including me, myself and I.

Well, What do you expect and want me to say?

I am ready like an AK 47, eager to be fired.

Funny Response to Office Colleague (Senior & Junior also)

Show your humorous side to your colleagues whenever you get a chance. Use the below funny replies whenever a scenario arises where they ask “Are you Ready?”. If they are in a bad mood, use the funny replies at your own risk!

Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya.

In my mind I am. In my body, only God knows!

Serious mode activated. Let’s do it.

Today is the day you will never forget!

Well, I don’t think I have any other option.

Let’s finish like a cat chasing down the nagging mice.

Of course, I am. I just hope this is all happening in a dream.

Funny Response to Relative when they asks “Are you ready”?

As I mentioned in the intro paragraph, all relatives deserve non-straightforward, unconventional, and sarcastic replies to the dumbest of questions. Next time they bark “Are you ready” for the dumbest of things, shoot them the below funny replies.

I am more ready for this thing than you could ever be.

What makes you think I am not?

Are you ready to stop asking whether “I am ready?”

Are you kidding? I have been giving my superhero poses since morning.

I am ready to burst like a gas wanting to eject from the balloon.

Funny Response to Spouses when they ask Are you Ready?

Your married life deserves some banter to keep things healthy. While using the below replies may result in your wife wanting to crack your head, be assured that things will be hearty and fine later.

Trust me. I am going to be unready if you ask me that question again.

I am ready for many things. Unfortunately, this is not one of them.

I am so much more ready than my p***is would be for **x.

Final words

The purpose of a funny reply is to lighten the mood. Sometimes, they can also be used sarcastically. It is up to you to gauge the sense of the recipient before shooting a funny reply. However, you will realize that being funny does tone down the tension in the long run of the equation.