Gaurav Taneja, is a famous personality who gained recognition from Facebook and YouTube through his channels FlyingBeast and FitMuscleTV. In the initial years of Youtubing, Gaurav used to upload videos related to muscle building on Facebook. Motivated by public response, he started uploading videos about body building on Youtube in 2017 channel FitMuscleTV and also entered in the daily vlogs niche with his channel FlyingBeast which now has nearly 8 million subscribers (as of 26th January 2024 ). He also has a channel named Rashbari ke Papa where he used to upload his gaming videos but lately hasn’t been active on the channel from couple of years.

Taneja did his schooling in Kanpur and graduated in civil engineering from IIT Kharagpur in 2004. After engineering, he expressed his ambition to his father of becoming a pilot. Inititally, his father opposed but later gave in for his dream.

Gaurav Taneja Family Background

Gaurav stated in an interview that he came from a middle-class background and that his father used to work as a teacher and took tuitions and also used to sold newspapers to make ends meet. Gaurav Taneja also has a sister. Gaurav Taneja’s wife name is Ritu Rathee and the couple has two daughters named Rashi (Kaira) and Pihu.

Controversy during his Air Asia tenure

After working for nearly 6 years as captain in Indigo, Taneja switched to Air Asia. His stay there was short-lived as he was suspended by the organization for some reasons. However, later on it came to limelight that Taneja was suspended by the company officials as both the parties were not on the same page regarding many SOPs, one of them was the flight landing protocols. Taneja stated in his video that the company made it mandatory for pilots for flap 3 landing (after 16:10 minute) whereas they gave negative markings to pilots who landed with flap 4 settings which offers relatively more safety but consumes more fuel than Flap 3 landing. Taneja stated that company wanted him to do landings on Flap 3 on majority occasions as it saves them considerable fuel in overall fuel consumption of the airlines.

Air Asia officials denied the allegations made by Gaurav Taneja. However, Taneja revealed the emails that he had sent to company’s officials regarding many SOPS related to passenger and aeroplace safety that the company was violating . When the matter received limelight in the media, DGCA took action and suspended key officials of Air Asia. Right now, both the parties are fighting a legal battle.

Controversy about studying in Law School

In 2020, Taneja decided to study Law and started preparing for the entrance exam at the age of 35. He got admission in the Delhi University. In an interview with Raj Shamani, Taneja revealed that his primary motivation for attemtping to study Law was to teach someone (possibily referring to Air Asia) a lesson.

In that same interview, Taneja revealed that he surpassed the criteria of 70% attendance to sit in the exams for the first two semesters but was unable to do so for the third semester and therefore, wasn’t allowed to sit in the exams. Taneja cited the reasons of workload of his YouTubing and brand shoots as to why it was difficult for him to maintain attendance in the college. The decision to leave behind law studying from a prestigious university like Delhi University received backlash from many people including his fans who argued that Taneja had wasted a seat of a deserving candidate by opting out of law study.

Gaurav Taneja’s Earnings and NetWorth

Taneja handles three channels on Youtube and also has an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account. He usually posts 5 vlogs per week on his main channel FlyingBeast and therefore with nearly 8 million subscribers, he might be earning anywhere between Rs 5 – 10 Lakhs per month. As per logical calculation, Gaurav Taneja’s earnings from 2011 (when he became a pilot) till now could be around 30 crores. In an interview , he once told that his earnings are more than that of the CEO of Air Asia, the company that fired him.

Tiff with Hindustan Times Journalist

In 2022, journalist Shephali Bhatt of Livemint which is owned HT Media Ltd, wrote an article on Gaurav Taneja. Prima facia appeared that the article was not written from a neutral perspective. The article came when Taneja and his wife scolded their little daughter when she accidentally dropped a smartphone from the balcony of her house (after 0.35 minute) located in high-rise building. Shefali Bhatt, the author of that article opined that Taneja is a child abuser based on the fact that Taneja, in one of his videos, was seen getting ear piercing (after 6:20 minute) on his daughter Rashi from a third person despite her crying and howling from fear and pain.

The author in that article also stated that Gaurav’s posts are politcally motivated and that brands should boycott him. Taneja sent a legal notice to the journalist and Livemint and the Delhi High court asked the publication to remove the article from their website stating that allegations like child abuser are serious which cannot be put forth on anyone without any concrete evidence.

Gaurav Taneja’s Metro Station Controversy on his Birthday

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