Gaurav Chaudhary, who goes by the name Technical Guruji is an Indian Youtuber who creates content primarly on Technologies, Smart Phones and other tech gadgets. He is known for running two Youtube channels, Technical Guruji and Gaurav Chaudhary in Hindi language. Chaudhary was one of the early Youtubers who started Tech news coverage in the Hindi language.

Gaurav Chaudhary Early Life and Family

Gaurav was born in Ajmer, Rajasthan in 1991. He has an elder brother by the name of Pradeep Chaudhary who was born in 1981. Gaurav was seventeen and a half years old when he lost his father in 2009 after an accident in 2007 which left him in coma for two years. Gaurav is unmarried at the time of writing this article (1st Feb 2024).


He did his schooling at Kendriya Vidhayala School and completed his Masters in Engineering (ME) in mirco-electronics from Bits Pilani, Dubai campus.

Controversies involving Gaurav Chaudhary

Tiff with Former Xiamo CEO and Breaking Redmi Phone on purpose?

In 2019, Gaurav announced on Twitter that he was going to unveil the samsung Galaxy’s M series smartphone at the Samsung event. Bothered by the fact that a tech reviewer is openly supporting a brand (possibily in exchange of monetary favour), Manu Kumar Jain, the CEO of Xiaomi at that time spoke about it on Twitter and criticised Gaurav Chaudhary for such act. While Manu did not took any name, he mentioned “Tech Bloggers” in his Tweet and the timing of it hinted that it was in reference to Gaurav Chaudhary. The audience on Twitter also supported Manu Jain for speaking up on tech reviewers who will support a brand for monetary exchange.

In his response, Gaurav Chaudhary took a jibe (referring to Manu Jain) and said that people will only try to bring someone down who is above them. But the controversy got stirred up when Gaurav, in one of his videos reviewed Redmi Note 7 new phone and did a bend test. Prima facie appeared that the phone withstood lot of pressure from Gaurav’s hands (at 11.00 minute) before getting cracked and distorted. Gaurav opnied “The performance seems good but this is not a strong device”.

Start at 11:00 minute to see Redmi Phone getting twisted and distored

The majority of comments on this Youtube video hints that Gaurav deliberately tried to break the phone in order to portray its build quality in a negative light. Many commentors pointed out that this could have been done in a response to Manu Jain’s criticism ofunveiling the Samsung’s M series phone which indicated of a biased perspective towards a brand in exchange of monetary payment.

Gaurav however clarified that the bend test was not in response to CEO’s criticism of him but was done because the brand claimed a sturdy build of Redmi Note 7.

Interesting Facts about Technical Guruji

  • As per himself, he has been living in Dubai since 2012. He has a family business there.
  • He is a certified Dubai Police security system engineer. He has certification in CCTV camera, Access Control system from Dubai police.
  • He worked with SharmaJi Technical for few months before starting his own Youtube channel in same niche (but different micro-niche).
  • He is not too fond of vlogging as he prefers to absorb the experience himself rather than worry about capturing the moment in camera. This is why Gaurav doesn’t do too much vlogging (at 48:00 minute)
  • He has done world’s highest cliff-jumping as well as world’s highest burjee.
  • His phone is gold plated. During an interview on Sandeep Maheshwari show, he revealed that the gold plated on his phone is original and costs $84,000 or 80 Lakhs INR.
  • He once mentioned that he sleeps like a rock and often finds it difficult to wake up on the alarm. His mother always used to wake up him by physically disturbing him.
  • As per himself in 2019, his Youtube earnings are only 1% of his total income sources from all of his businesses. He once said that he has businesses in real estate, mining and chemical factories.

What are Gaurav Chaudhary Likes and Hobbies?

Technical Guruji is fond of cars, tech, gadgets, travelling. He is also fond of adventurous sports such as cliff jumping, bunjee jumping, sky diving.

Why did his viewership went down despite a massive subscriber base?

It has been our observation that Technical Guruji doesn’t get the same viewership as before like in 2016 – 2018. With a subscriber base of 23.4 million on YouTube, his views average around 100 – 200K per video. Many YouTubers have observed this trend and have made videos on it. Some even pointed out that most of Technical Guruji’s videos provide generic tech news without any unique value and his daily two videos on tech are often over-loaded with surface level information.