While there is no harm in having an opinion, but social etiquettes teaches us that some things should never be spoken to anyone, no matter how true they are. You must have seen people making uncalled remarks which are not only uncivilized and below the belt but humiliating too. Remarks such as “You are ugly” is a reflection of one’s inner struggle with his self-image.

But when you find yourself strangled in such situation, you could either back off and remove yourself from the environment or you could throw a funny or even sarcastic response. It is also important to note that people call others ugly just for the sake of belitting someone or even to vent their own frustration.

We know how difficult it can be to come up with a reply instanteously without losing our calm upon receiving such humiliating words. This is why this post is being written.

Funny Responses when someone calls you Ugly

I think you have mistaken me for your mirror.

Pardon me but I don’t put on make up to hide my flaws.

Well. I suppose your eye sight needs tremendous correction.

Is this something you are often told I am sure.

I don’t blame you. After all, God gave you set of eyes which makes everything look ugly to you : – This is perfect reply which reflects that you have high self-confidence and that you are comfortable in your own skin.

Aww..I am sorry. Did I hurt your eyes darling? : – This is a great funny response. It shows that not only you are unfaced upon hearing such remark but you are also sarcastic about their eyes being hurt.

Well, you yourself are a very fine looking specimen isn’t it!

Oh Really! You should ask it from your sister! : – With such a reply, you are cleverly diverting the matter away from the ugly remark and onto the sister. You are also planting a seed of doubt in their mind that their sister might be having some liking towards you.

You are yelling it to a wrong person. You need to say it to the deserving person which you will definitely find in the mirror.

Dear! Did you had your medicines today?

People like you are the reason for global warming because they keep on emitting anger all the time.

What it means when someone calls you ugly

People with low self-esteem often spew out venom in order to upset other people. Their wordings are far from facts and consideration. Therefore, if you see someone calling such uncivilized remark, you can be certain that they are not having the best of times in their life and their self-image is also skewed.

Best Savage Replies when Somesays you are ugly

Trust me, people like you will remain virgin even after the marriage : – You are indirectly implying that they themselves aren’t attractive in the first place.

If your eyes find me ugly then I don’t know what handsomeness means?

No matter how much you brush, your breath will always stink the room.

I highly recommend to concentrate on your face first.


When someone makes such a remark, it is important to understand from where they are coming at. At times, it may be necessary to remove yourself from such situation in order to descalate tension however, there are occasions where you feel imperative to give a hilarious response.