Familiarity can often bring in monotony. And spouses often face the same problem after their honeymoon phase gates over within a couple of years. This is where banters come in handy. They are an excellent way of keeping things entertaining and spicy. Not only that, it allows both parties to express their pent up frustration in a humorous way.

It is important to understand that banters are the light-hearted humored way to throw tantrums to each other. And who doesn’t enjoy that? But having a banter does require some creativity and spontaneity. It often requires understanding the boundaries of your spouse, which if you cross might upset them. More than the banter, it is the tone with which you use them. This post has lots of thoughtful banters and responses to your spouses if they pull your leg.

You never remember to put your things in the correct places.

Response from Husband : – Atleast, am consistent, in forgetting and doesn’t it means that I always find new places to explore in our house. Also, one needs to check your spatial awareness from time to time. And I intend to do it very sincerely.

Response from Wife : – Life would be too predictable with you if I keep things at exactly the same place every time.

Do you even remember things that I tell you?

Response From Husband : – Yes, I do darling. I very clearly remember the ‘to do’ part, but the ‘what’ part finds it hard to travel to my conscious mind from the subconcious party.

Response 2: – I remember the time and date when you said “I do” so I guess that should answer your question.

Response from Wife : – Absolutely yes! They are all jam-packed at the 0001000 binary code location of my brain. Now go and extract it.

You are really insane for taking so much time to get ready?

Response From Wife: – I know my dear! All I am doing is practicising my future career as a professional procrastinator. Its a tough job sweetheart!

Response by Wife : – I just want to ensure that your lips be silenced and sealed after seeing my dazzling looks.

Response From Husband : – Well Darling. Perfection takes time. Its about building the anticipation until you become really angry that you want to crack my head.

Do you even listen to me?

Response From Husband: – Well ,lets just say that I am selective in hearing the most important whys and whats. Talk about efficiency wifey!

Response By Husband : – Yes, I do listen to you only at the time when I am asleep.

Wife’s Response : – Sweetheart! You know that your voice is like the background music for my daily chaos.

You are totally impossible

Response From Husband: – I like to think myself as impossibily charming. You see its all about having a healthy perspective.

Response from Wife : – Oh you really haven’t seen anything to be honest. Wait for a couple more years.

Response from Husband : – If I was easy then our life wouldn’t be so spicy.

SweetHeart, you sure you have the ability to fix these things?”

Husband Response: – Darling, I may not have a degree in fixing things but I certainly have a talent in finding creative solutions.

Husband’s Response : – What does really matter? The ability or the persistence? But to calm your nerves, I have a Ph.D. in DIY repair from the University of Youtube.

I think you have acquired a new diesease of forgetting important dates, especially the anniversary

Response From Husband : – Well my soulmate. I like to think of it as ‘selective memory enhancement program’. It helps in my mental health. But I think there is more specific reason. The forgetfulness viral infection is spreading around these days Must be going viral!

You are more stupid than I thought earlier

Husband’s response : – Well then I can honestly that I am the happiest guy around as ignorance is always a bliss.

Wife’s Response : – Oh superb for such enlightening observation my wonderful husband! I will surely it add it in my resume.

Husband’s response : – Trust me darling, I am excelling in it big time and you surely are the witness of it. By the way, I also have a stupidity quota to meet everyday in order to be equal to you also.

Are you kidding me seriously”

Response 1: – No sweetheart. I tend not to be kidding on days that ends with the alphabet Y.

Response 2 : – Lets just put it in a way that I am trying my best to find a delicate balance between seriousness and kidding. Ok now?

My dear! If there would be Oscars for the most clueless husband, you would win it every time. Trust me!

Response 1: – Sweetheart, believe it or not. I was always destined for greatness. Who the hell needs an Oscar when a man has your love and sarcasm.

Response 2: – “Darling! I am here to give you daily dose of enterainment, laughter and happiness. Trust me, where else you would have found this trio.”

Why do you always remember every embrassing story about me whenever I am with friends

Response From Wife: – Its a great feeling to keep our guests entertained while also spicing the dynamics of our marriage.

Response : – I always forget them at all times but somehow the presence of our friends brings them from my subconscious. Don’t worry sweetheart as your embarrasing stories age like a fine wine.

Why do you always make fun of me in front of the kids

Wife’s Response : – Don’t you think its a good practice for them especially when they will have own kids to tease. Plus, I also want the kids to have a taste of your undeniable charm and wit. And by the way, your funny stories also keeps the family dinners entertaining.

Why do you always have to be so frenzy about keeping the house clean?

Response : – It is my daily cardio workout and its my everlasting belief to keep you on your toes all the time. Besides, keeping my house cleaned is also my creative outlet. You know it don’t you that some people love to write, some like to paint. Well, my creative satiety is filled when I rearrange the dust particles into oblivion.

Why do you always stare me when I occasionally fart

Wife’s response : – Your Gas-tastic performances are like a live comedy show with unexpected audio effects.

Response from Wife : – Its not staring my dear husband! Its my way of applauding your musical talents. I also think that doing so makes you a little contributor to global warming!

Why you always lecture me leaving the towel on the bed?

Response from Wife : – Well, my sweet heart, I don’t want our bed to turn into the soggy island adventure.

Response from Wife : – Sweety. You know if the towel could talk, it would always shout that it is bedridden.