Lucky are those who have genuine admirers around them. Compliments make your day and it would be an understatement to say anything else about them. They make us feel loved, respected, and nourished. But what makes the conversation livelier and memorable is the funny response that we give to them.

Conversations at times allow you to show your light-hearted and humorous side. So, when someone says “You are the best” with genuine or flirtatious intent, you can always throw back a funny response that will catch them off-guard in a good way. This post is about all such funny replies that you can come up with when you are complimented with the particular phrase “You are the best”

Oh Great! I will update my resume to include “Best Human” as the skill. What you think?

You know who also utters that to me? My, Mother, whenever I take a bath every day.

I wish you say that to me every day!

I hope you have not mistakenly typed it to the wrong person.

Can we stop the bullshit and cut to the chase.

I wonder what has gotten into you today?

Please use some synonyms. These words have already been spoken before by others at least 100 times.

I know how much ego you shattered of yours before finally admitting to it. Great Job!

Well thank you dear! I have become really good at avoiding difficult tasks.

Responses when a friend says

I hope your actions matches those words which you just spilled now.

You are making my blush in a way that my wife hasn’t made it so!

Well, now I must be known as “Professional Friend”. What you think?

To how many people you utter this non-sense seriously!

Please make it a front headline in tomorrow’s newspapers.

Oh, stop it, you’re making my ego swell like an overinflated balloon at a kids’ birthday party.

Hey Man! Where do you get these words from?

If you are thinking that flattery will get you anywhere, you are right! Just not sure where!!!

Are you hitting on me?

Is this the best you have got?

Flirting doesn’t sound good when its coming from you.

Now that you have finally spoken the true words, it is time to compliment with the right action. How about wining and dining me tonight?

I am too hot to handle.

You got it right this time.

I am sorry, I didn’t hear you properly. Could you please say it louder?

You say all the right things that my Boss should say it to me.

Your taste and perspective are improving day by day.

Please publish it in the newspaper. I would appreciate that.

My Dear! What exactly are you trying to extract out by complimenting me?

So when is the treat for me?

You are doing great.

Flattery will not get you anywhere my son!

Now it’s time to wine and dines me. What do you think?

Responses when a colleague / Junior says

Hmm. I wonder is that a formality or a compliment?

Who is paying you to say that and how much?

Just remember mate that I had more chances of making mistakes than you!

You have become increasingly good at licking my ***.

Bantering with colleagues is a surefire way of keeping the conversation lively and entertaining. So whenever you get a chance to show subtle cockiness or humor, you should unleash it with all your might. Very rarely you will get to hear the phrase “You are the best” in the corporate world, but if you do, then instead of feeling like on a pedestal, throw some funny replies.

If you do this daily my friend, you will witness my best behaviour on 99.5 % times. I will sign a Service Level Agreement for it!

Well, you have my attention Now!!!

I am good at many things, most of which I can’t even tell you dear!

Being a best friend is not an easy job but someone has to do it right?

Don’t you think that I should be awarded the Nobel Prize for it?

Well, somebody has to take the initiative to set the bar really low, so that everyone could match isn’t it.

What blunder have you done dear that you are trying to brush it off by praising me?

Thats so good to hear. I often work my best when I procastinate other things.

You’re more than kind! I promise not to let this title go above my head, at least until the next performance review.

Words don’t mean a thing unless coupled with an action.

Trust me, I was born this way.

You guys have really good eyes for quality.

I hope this is not a one-time compliment.

To tell you the truth, I am even better than this.

I wonder why is this compliment coming at this moment.

I 100% agree with you folks.

Stop it before I start to cry.

Do you know that I am also best at detecting a lie?

Hmm. What blunder have you committed?

Hilarious Response to flirtatious Remark

At times, it is difficult to decipher the intent of the compliment. Some do it for genuine reasons while many people also do it for romantic intent. If you believe that the compliment towards you is for romantic intent, you may want to pause and think to give a perfect funny response. Below are some of the hilarious replies we have come up with.

I hope you are not trying to get into something.

I am glad that you finally admitted it. Must have taken so much courage.

I must have done something right I guess to get this compliment.

You found out so late!

Dear, did you take your pills for breakfast?