There is no doubt that our relatives come handy during difficult times. They are often the part of our support system and life wouldn’t be the same without them. While it is true that human beings are curious about each other’s in aspects of lifestyle, earnings and relationships, relatives have unlimited appetite for know these things. And when it comes to financial matters, relatives these days feel proud in asking about it. It can be a strange situation for you when your relative enquires you with “How much you earn”?

Due to culture norms, you may not be able to shun them down on such question but you can come up with interesting reply that can humor them. And if the question is coming from a relative that you despise, then you can also shoot them a sarcastic response. This post is filled with such replies.

I know this thought consumes you whole day and night isn’t it!

That’s truely the elephant in the room and a million dollar question. The charges for revealing it are $5,000.

I earn a salary that lets me dine at the finest establishments…atleast in my dreams.

I am able to keep my girlfriend happy with ofcourse the budget-friendly dates of Netflix and local street food.

Well, that depends whether I am getting paid by the hour or by the wrinkle.

Well certainly more than your expectations for me.

Well I am planning on retiring very very late so yeah as I want to keep myself busy in the old age.

I am hoping to win the lottery as soon as possible.

I earn a salary that is perfectly able to match the level of stress that I experience in this chaotic world.

I am happy to earn just the right amount that will keep my plants alive and my Netflix subscription going for the next 5 years for sure.

You know what? I am on really strict diets for noodles and dreams.

Well, I am still many years away from buying a private island.

Well lets just say that I earn enough in order to keep my therapist busy and banks happy.

Hopefully, you will get to know in Forbes Magazine some day later.