Often there are times when you receive spam messages about a business, product, service or even from someone who you barely knows. While they certainly are repulsive, you tried your best to ignore them thinking that the unwanted messages will eventually stop.

However, that is rarely the case. Spammers tend to keep sending messages unless they are explicitly told not to do so. But you do not want to sound harsh in replying them isn’t it? So what you do?

Lukcily, there are ways to feel better in such scenarios. And one of them is to give a funny and sarcastic response. The key is to irritate them in a light-hearted manner that they remove your number for sending unwanted texts next time.

But you may wonder what’s the need of doing all of that? Well, the primary reason is to do leg-pulling. And in doing so, you also increases the likelihood that the sender may not spam you again with unwanted texts

Thank you for contacting me dear. Unfortunately, you have wasted one quota of your bulk messaging on this number from where you will get zero attention let alone an investment.

Best Funny Responses To Unwanted Texts

At the moment I am taking a dump. But we can talk if you don’t mind all the noises of farting and shit splashing on commode water.: – Its a bit funny message and gross at the same time. The idea is to plant such gross image in the mind of the sender that will compel him to not think about you next time.

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I have recently launched a course for only $5 which is “How to identify the right people to text your business”: – You are not only implying that you do not like the message but also doing the reverse tactic which is forcing them to buy your own product for $5.

You are really setting some high-standards on how to send a pathetic text.

I would have been more likely to reply if you had a better DP, even if it was fake.

Congratulations on being the newest addition to my spam number blocked list.

You really have mastered the art of annoying people. You deserve a pat on your back for it.

Thank you for giving me some attention so early in the morning.

Don’t you have anything good to do other than sold a sub-standard product?

Sarcastic Responses to Unwanted Texts

I wonder whether this is a human or a robot.

I pity you on working such a pathetic job. May you do something better in life.

If you really had a good product, you wouldn’t had to market about it in the first place.

I have seen some really sh**t* products in my life but your’s top the list.

How to respond to Unwanted Texts?

You really want to reply in a funny manner that implies your non-interest in them. The best thing you can do is to engage in a conversation with them about something totally different. Doing so wastes their time and irritates them to hell. You can ask them about their favourite destinations, their friend or something like that. Spammers get really annoyed when the recipient wastes their time.

What not to do with unwanted texts?

The more you reply to them, the more they are eager to send you texts therefore, your short replies need to reflect a vibe that you are just going to waste their time only. You also do not want to engage in a conversation with them that talks about their product or services that indicates your interest in them, even if its a little.