There are many reasons why people use the phrase “Better Late than Never”. On most occasions, it is usually used to extract optimism and positivity out of the situation. However, there are times also when people use it as a sarcastic response to an action that you delayed for some reason intentionally or unintentionally. Whatever their reason may be, you may need to decipher the tone and intent of the asker before giving a proper reply.

Depending on the seriousness of the circumstance and the stature of the person who says it, you can reply either a conventional reply or a funny response. Or let’s say that some folks (like your colleagues or relatives) taunt you with such remark, then you can always throw them a befitting sarcastic response. Whatever the case may be, there are apt replies which we have prepared in this post. So let us begin with them.

Well I choose to believe that ignorance is truely a bliss.

How we do anything, is how we do everything.

I follow a secret time zone, and that time zone itself is always changing as per my convienience.

Indeed! I’ll start exercising… just as soon as they invent a workout that involves lying down and eating snacks.

True! Better late than never to realize I’ve been wearing mismatched socks to work every day this week!

Well, lets just say that my girlfriend is worth the wait, every single time.

Life is too short to rush, isn’t it?

There is never a harm in arriving late than never until its about diffusing the bomb.

I am a timeless classic, who is always fashionably late.

Until we are talking about the expired milk, then I guess its okay to be better late than never.

Sometimes, its good to be late isn’t it, especially when it comes to reaching the climax.

Absolutely! My punctuality is like a fine wine – it gets better with time!

I like to work in my own time zone, which is set late than the standard time zone.

Exactly. What’s the need of be in time when one can have a dramatic entry by coming late?