We all have witnessed scenarios where people exert their kindness and protective nature more than what is needed. One such example is when folks asks “Are you sure” in the conversation even when your answer has clearly hinted that you are. Such scenarios demands for a funny sarcastic response instead of giving them a conventional logical reply. You may get boiled up hearing the phrase “Are you sure” unnecessarily but your logical mind tells you to tone down. This is where funny responses lighten the tension and gives you two a moment to chuckel. This post has lots of such answers.

Why do people unnecessarily asks “Are you sure”?

Sometimes, people want to show their protective nature for you. At other times, they are just doing formality by asking you again. The phrase is commonly used by folks to reply when their hear something unexpected. For a serious topic, you expect people this phrase, however when the conversation is about trivial things, the phrase seems like a pain to the ears.

Hilarious responses

As sure as the fact that your bestie has the hots for me. Kidding:- Beware of using this line as it may plant a doubt in mind of the recipient. But you can use this line on a female friend with whom you share excellent rapport.

Nope. I just said because I am in love with my voice!!!! : – This is a great sarcastic response that not only indicates your sense of humor but clearly implies that you are more than 100% sure.

As sure as the husband trying to win an argument with his wife! You know how that works out isn’t it!

As sure as I am able the decipher the women’s undergarment size by just looking at her. : – Use this phrase only with someone who is single and with whom whom you share great rapport! Do not use it with a female friend unless you share great comfort level and chemistry.

As sure as the fish’s need to dive into water immediately.

As positive as the dog chases its own tail.

As sure as the fact that I always fart after passing the shit and not before.

As sure as the fact that me Private part is still working.

As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

Nope, I’m just as uncertain as a dog trying to understand quantum physics.

Do you want me to write on a contract and sign it? How about I made a video confession recording?