You must have often witnessed your friends, relatives and sometimes aquaintances giving you blessings and wishes for success. They often come with a phrase “May the Force be with you” which originated from Star Wars franchise. It has become a popular expression and people say it for several reasons, msotly related to success and optimism.

There are multiple ways to give reply to such phrases, depending on the recipient, their stature, the age, and most importantly the circumstances. For formal scenarios, you can always come up with a polite appropriate response but for informal circusmtances, funny and sarcastic responses are a definite must. And we have covered them in plenty

And I wish the Wi-fi be strong wherever you go.

I wish this force also makes me last longer than 5 minutes in the bed.

The hell to ***k with the force, I need people like you to be on my side.

And may Elon Musk’s innovations be as groundbreaking as the Death Star plans

And I wish this p***s keep getting erection for the next seven lifetimes.

And may the neighbour’s kids find another hobby other than dueling at 3 in the night.

May the force be with you… and may your neighbor’s home renovations be less disruptive than a Sith invasion

And I pray you to become so good looking that women starts lusting you from every corner of the room.

I just wish my Boss’s and girlfriend’s mood swings be more predictable as the force standing by my side.

Thank you for praying the force to be with me and I also wish the day comes when colleagues somehow spill the coffee on the team leader.

I don’t give a shit about the force, I just want the victory.

But first we have to find whether it exists? What you say?

And I wish every coffee in the world be as strong as you!