It is not uncommon for friends and relatives to ask for money in dire scenarios, especially when undergoing treatment. I have always believed that financial assistance in such scenarios should be given whether or not people are on good terms with us. Such circumstances also demands that we help prompty instead of throwing a funny or sarcastic response.

But when it comes to not too serious situations, then you can always come up with humor for reply. Now a funny or sarcastic response doesn’t mean denial of assistance. Its just a banter that you can engage with when someone asks you for monetary assistance. We have lots of such responses in this post.

When not to use hilarious or sarcastic responses?

Before we write some funny and sarcastic responses, it is important to mention when not to respond with such replies. As mentioned in the intro paragraph, there is time and place for everything. People are at their most vulnerable when they ask you for money during medical emergencies. Instead of replying with compassion and sympathy, funny responses can be extremely hurtful and even strain the relationships. While you might not be able to offer help, the least you can do is to put in some effort to arrange some help from wherever possible.

Funny Responses

That is absolutely no worries but I will have to discuss it with the CFO i.e. my girlfriend.

Let me digest that thought for a moment!

Sure I will lend you but it will cost you two kicks on your behind. Are you okay with it?

I wish I could give you because my girlfriend has already drafted the budget for the next 200 years.

I know someone, who knows someone, who can definitely lend you some money.

I’d lend you money, but my wife believes in the ‘money today, gone tomorrow’ principle!

Sure I can. I will have to search the password of my piggybank though!

Hmm. Let me check the emergency fund for 4 am pizza and streaming subscriptions.

Really? You are asking me to give you something which I don’t have.

Sarcastic Responses

Can I give you in installments?

Where there is a will, there is always a way!

Yeah no problem. I will share it from my pet’s retirement fund.

My piggy bank is already in rehabilitation but I will try my best.

Sure I will give. But I will charge interest on it. You okay with 0%?

I’d lend you money, but last time I did, my piggy bank held a grudge and gave me the silent treatment for weeks!