Rarely anyone will admit that Life is perfect for them. While we cannot control what happens to us, we can certainly extract a better perception of the events that helps us to manage stress and quality of life. Whenever people are being asked about their life, they often reply in the negative. A sugarcoated response doesn’t seem natural, but funny and sarcastic responses allow us to share a moment of laughter. This post is a sincere attempt to give funny responses whenever people retort to philosophical questions about life.

Well, Life’s treating me like a cat treats a new piece of furniture: with suspicion, occasional scratches, but plenty of cozy moments I must say.

Experieincing an awesome roller-coaster ride. Only problem is that it is going in down direction only.

It is banging me from left, right and center.

Ahh. you wouldn’t believe mate. It is like a never-ending vacation in a paradise filled with rainbows and unicorns.

I don’t know about Life but my Boss is treating me in some unexpected manner and I plan to avange all of that!

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More of like a $20 hooker. Not that good but certainly not bad.

It is treating me much better than anticipated.

Definitely like a buffet. Lots of choices, almost overwhelming and leaving me wanting to eat more.

It is treating me like a donut, full of holes but certainly sweeter than I imagined.

Responses Regaring Married Life, children And Relatives

More dosage of fake laughters, ego-boosting these days along with rare occasions of akward silences with relatives.

I may be the Team Leader in Office but here I have become the cheerleader of my son.

With the Relatives, It is like a never-ending group chat with lots of notifications but nothing of substance.

Have you heard of free day care center without the weekends off? Thats what is happening with our children. Lots of fun for them and fatigue for us.

Responses Regarding Work Life, Fitness and Health

I have become the go to person for running every operations of our office.

If there would have been a Mount Everest equivalent office life, I would have been the solo winner on so many occasions.

I know its shitty but am sad that its even shittier than your’s.

Daily I pray that my manager falls sick and takes a holiday. So you can imagine!

It couldn’t be more lovely. Daily it throws me chocolate and flowers.