You have all witnessed the feeling when someone is imitating you. Either, your self-esteem gets boosted or you feel jealous at times because the other person is achieving more efficiency by copying your methods.

On both occasions, your heart may itch to engage in a lively banter with either a funny or sarcastic tone. If you feel good about being copied, you can always go for the funnier response, however, when others are imitating your methods and procedures to produce similar or even better results, you may feel like giving a sarcastic response. This post has plenty of such replies for both scenarios. So let’s begin with them.

Perfect Responses to give upon being copied

You know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but that doesn’t mean you copy end to end 100%.

You have shown where there is a will, there is a way, even if its for copying.

Please remember that you may copy the procedure but the same outcome is not guaranteed.

Hey just wondering whether you are trying to be my reflection in the mirror or just trying to copy this one habit of mine?

I may have to stop being so visible to you as you are copying my every secret.

I am the unofficial mentor in this place who is getting copied left, right, and center.

Originality is overrated these days.

Keep copying my achievements, and we might need to consider joint custody of that trophy cabinet. What do you say?

I’m starting to feel like a walking blueprint. Can I expect royalties?”

Sarcastic Responses When Someone tries to copy

I don’t know about anything else, but you will surely obtain a Ph.D. in copy-pasting.

You may copy my procedure but I will give you 1000 bucks if you can follow my intent too!

Copying me already. Well, looks like someone is on their way to becoming the senior copycat.

I love the culture of teamwork where everyone is copy-pasting their teammates.

Well even to copy, you need lots of brain and IQ.

If I see you copying me from next time, then you will have to pay the royalties.

Wow!!! The beauty of teamwork: one brain, multiple copies. Who needs a diversity of thought anyway?

Copying means two things, either you are my fan or you are extremely lazy. I prefer to believe the former reason.