It is not uncommon for our friends and colleagues to pester us for parties and treats on our minor accomplishments, and even at times when there is no special occasion. We may even feel compelled to give in to their demands and have a good time ourselves.

However, there are scenarios when colleagues and aquaintances who doesn’t vibe with us, often mistaken our kindness with naiveity and demand outrageous treatments at times through parties and treats when their sole purpose is to enjoy a great time without any monetary expense of their own and without any intent of improving the dynamics with us. These kind of folks truly deserves a funny and even sarcastic replies whenever they demand of a party.

No matter the stature of the person asking you, there are ways to deflect their demands in hilarious manners that will let them know about your unwillingness to entertain them in the most diplomatic manner.

Why do friends and colleagues pester for Parties and special treatments even in the absence of a special occasion

Human beings are inclusive in nature and people want to build social relations through entertaining occasions. Even if there is no special circumstance, friends and colleagues may pester you for any extravagant activity because they simply want to escape the usual routine and want to have fun. If your colleagues still pester you such despite knowing your boundaries, preferences and other priorities then you may give them a sarcastic reply.

Funny Authentic Replies when Friend Pesters for a Party For No Reason

Great. Who needs a reason when one has friends and their agendas to extract party for no special occasion?

I would love to party but am afraid that I am on a strict diet of Netflix and solitude these days.

Hmm. As per my Crystall ball, the time is ripe for the impromptu festivities right.

Yup, very soon when I have finished with the epic poem about the joys of procrastination.

Sorry but my doctor has strictly ordered no fun when requested by you.

Only if you promise to not bitch about me behind my back.

Hilarious and Sarcastic Responses to Colleagues

Why should I….. when my refrigerator and I have a date arranged with lip-smacking leftovers?

I hope I could do that but am certainly under house arrest, in my mind atleast.

Yup sure. Great Idea. Lets contribute $100 each to the fund of the party thrower.

Sure let me arrange everything except the dancing shoes and karoake machine which you have to bring from home.

I wish I could but my inner child is on a protest today against any form of the movement today.

Well, party can be organized with just a bunch of silence thoughts and lots of snoring.

Absolutely a great idea but can we have a theme which is ‘Bring Your Own Unicorn’?

I have already made some elaborative plans to arrange my socks drawer tonight. Feel free to join if you desire though!

Party alone is fine but for the treats, I would have to mortgage my house.

Ok I will arrange it but it has to be so great that our coming generations will envy about it.

I would have loved to come but my spirit animal told me it was a bad idea to socialize today.

Ok. You guys have me for party and treat. But be prepared to get yawning and fatigue by listening to 90s Dad jokes.

I hope this party will be so much fun that a permit would be required to simply be a part of it.

Not a problem. Just remember that no party is complete without a dance penguin.

Yup. Sure thing. Just that everyone will have a “Bring your own snack policy”. Afteraall, I love efficiency.

I am definitely in but definitely waiting for ‘Silly Hat Only’ dress code for the party.

Hmm, don’t worry. I will bring snacks as well as the ability to spill them onto everyone at the party.