Nature’s call and fart can often come without any notice. While you can take care of the nature’s call in private, the same cannot be said for Farts, especially when the circumstance is such that you cannot escape the vicinity of the people working with you. Imagine giving a presentation in your office and you feel the strongest urge to release the fart knowing that doing so could hamper your reputation.

Or sitting in the Boss’s room and discussing strategies to elevate the sales when you feel rumblings in your stomach? You may think that only the formal scenarios are difficult to handle but what about lying in bed next to your wife and feeling like releasing every volume of fart to feel ease. Whatever be the scenario may by, the best etiquette is always to apologize in advance or you can come up with funny statements that can make people burst into laughter.

We are giving you some hilarious responses that you can use to reduce the akwardness caused by your farts. So lets begin with them below.

Oops. I am about to explode from the place which is unparliamentary to say.

You know I could kill someone not just with my looks, but with my fart too.

Brace yourselves folks. The wind is about to change its direction.

Guys guys. Prepare for Lift Off….in T minus.

Do you know what is special about me? The fart, which is more lethal than Ak 47. I wish it spreads to the enemies on the border line.

Give me few seconds as my body looks to appreciate the meal that I had earlier.

Please remain seated, as we’re experiencing some internal turbulence.

Guys its my request for you folks to densensitize your nose for 2 minutes.

Two minutes silence for the bacteria that I am about to release in just few seconds.

Things to say when you are with your colleagues

Let us put the office room freshner to the test. Hold your breathe pals!

Clear out the runway guys. Invisible rocket jet coming.

It is time for the spontaneous air quality check, courtesy of lots of protein in the digestive system.

Remember, team spirit sometimes comes with an unexpected aroma!

Folks. We need to check our breath holding skills for 2 minutes.

Word of caution. The fart may cause temporary loss of consciousness . Please bear with it. Thank you!

When you are with friends or relatives

Hey folks. I have got a special way to say family reunion.

Hmm. Guys, you ready for a throw down under!

Do you know the special way of breaking the ice, or Breaking the wind to be more specific? Here, let me give a demonstration.

I don’t know if anyone needs scented candles when there talents for spontaneous emission of natural aroma.

Sorry Folks. I don’t like to hold it longer, I mean, the Fart! Please bear with the soon to be explode demon.

They say that families share everything right? Well, here is the small contribution from my end.

Funny Replies to Spouse

Warning Wifey, love is in the air… and a little something else too. Prepare for that!

Sweetheart, consider this as a synonym of “I Love You”

Hey Hubby! They say that love is about being open with each other, right? So let me be very open to you.

Dear Hubby! Let me add some spice, aroma specifically to spice up our marriage.

I hope you’re ready for a sensory experience like no other!

Darling, let me check your lung capacity of breath holding.

Oh ***k the candles when I can produce sweet scent of togetherness.

A wise man once said that couples who fart together, stay together. Let me put that theory to test.