The phrase “Man Up” is used informally to encourage someone to act with bravery, strength and resilience. It is often used for the male gender however it can also be used for the other genders. It is also to be noted that this phrase is usually used in the formal scenarios where a logical appropriate reply is expected from the individual.

We are here talking about scenarios where people often poke others jokingly with this or similar phrase. Some people use it as a funny and sarcastic method in order to encourage someone to deal with a particular situation. People use “Man Up” phrase in a joking manner which is usually part of group’s dynamic or shared sense of humor. If you encounter an informal scenario, where such phrases are getting on your nerves, then use some funny sarcastic replies that we have prepared for you. The recipient will surely like it!

Oh I will surely do that. Its just that my “Man” button is currently on snooze.

Man Up? Can we schedule that after my nap?

I did, after I realized I was using my mouse pad upside down for the whole year.

Yeah I agree that I need to man up especially against these office spiders.

I will man up immediately after completing the kitten videos.

You mean like Superman or Spiderman?

My astrologer says that I should man down as I have too much testosterone flowing in the veins.

Yeah. I need to man up after realizing that I had forgotten to wish my wife anniversary last year.

Man up? Oh, you mean admit I accidentally used conditioner instead of shampoo?

I will man up and will apologize to the plants for not watering them for one month.

Yeah you are right. I need to man up knowing that I have been walking for the whole day with my zippers down.

I know only one thing to UP and that has been down forever.

Oh Yeah….Let me just come around in my invisible superhero suit.

I will definitely man up but I had left my bravery in other’s pants.