Humans are designed to avoid isolation and seek warmth through healthy relationships. But you must have witnessed the times when our friend and relatives deliberately avoid us. Sometimes, it appears that they have all the time in the world to do other things except staying in touch with us. The more we chase them, the more they make excuses and reply late.

Human Psyche understands when our close pals avoid us deliberately vs. when they are really busy in life. After all, a wise man had said that its all about priorities for humans.

So what do you do when someone, a close friend, a relative has started to reply you late on the pretext of being busy? Do you simply swallow their excuses and keep on chasing them? Expressing your anger for such reason could be one of the ways however when your close pal has decided to put you down on the priority list, then there is literally nothing you can do win them back. And why even bother earning back their priority if they are deliberately trying to avoid you through late replies?

There is one thing however you can do and that is to give Funny Sarcastic Responses when your close pal says that they are busy. That will definitely let your close pal know that you don’t buy their late reply excuse and that you are not okay with being taken for granted. This post is all about such replies.

Funny Replies when someone gives an excuse of being busy

I am sorry to disturb you dear. But I hope you are getting time to take a dump? : – This is the sort of reply that you give to your close friends who are constantly replying you late on the pretext of being extremely busy. People find ways to reply immediately even in the midst of extreme workload and pressure.

Ohhzz I Ceez

Next time when we meet, I will make sure you take baths because I know you aren’t getting time for that too!

You know God sleeps for 1 minute a day. I think you are even busier than him.

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull boy

It looks like the office people are really giving their everything at you πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ : – This response is quite sarcastic and may feel a bit insulting also to your friend. Use it when you really want to trigger them to reveal the honest reasons of being busy.

But I am not able to find honey!

I am renaming you in my mobile contact list. You will now be called Mr. 24*7 busy!

I hope you are able to find time for the breakfast atleast.

I wish days had more than 24 hours so that someone like you could get time to reply back to me!

Are you in race with Elon Musk for being the busiest man in the world?: – Musk is one of the busiest people on planet Earth. If you’re close friend isn’t bother to reply you on time everytime, then let him know that he is even busier than the richest man on Earth!

Even God isn’t that busy man and neither the president of USA then what exactly are you doing?

Give me the name of the individual who is keeping you busy all the time and I will see to him!

I am sure you aren’t even taking a bath these days!

I hope you are getting enough time to spend with your girlfriend.


There rarely is anything that you can do in order to win back your priority in the eyes of your friends or relatives. Funny and Sarcastic responses are a perfect way to express how you feel about late replies. By using them, your friend may not change their attitude towards you however, they will understand that you have understood their shift in priority towards you.