There are times when you are faced with a question “Do I know you” upon approaching someone, be it online or offline. Answering it without being taken aback in such a scenario is a skill that not many people possess.

Let’s say your friend request got accepted by a new acquaintance or by a stranger. Congratulations! Now things can get a little weird when they ask you “Do you know me?”. While you could always give a straight answer, you can instead come up with funny replies that increase their span of attention a bit towards you.

Best way to Respond to “Do I Know You”?

Do you want my biography dear? : – This is a funny way to reply that can puzzle the other individual light-heartedly. Ideally, you want to reply in a manner that catches them off-guard in a non-serious way.

Well. What do you think? : – The tone here is a bit cocky but depending on the way the other individual asked you, you could use this reply sometime.

Yes. You are about to know me in a few minutes. : – Neutral tone reply with a non-conventional answer. Upon seeing such an answer, expect an awkward silence between the two of you. You can then break the ice by disclosing about yourself or keep on pulling the leg.

Is that a prerequisite to start a conversation with a wonderful (assuming) person? : – This is a sincere light-hearted tone reply that shows your willingness to have a conversation.

Yeah. You do know me! Would you mind guessing for a bit? : – Even if the other person doesn’t know about you, use this reply to catch his / her attention hilariously.

You can’t see me: – This is a very comical phrase used by former WWE wrestler John Cena. If you are certain that the other person is familiar with John Cena, then surely use this funny reply.

Funny Reply to “Do I Know You” on Social Media

Could you please explain its meaning to me? : – This is a hilarious reply to make the other person wonder about you. It’s a reply that you use to pull the legs of the other individual.

I am the one who is sent by the divine to know you better!

You know me from the times of Jesus Christ my dear!

Know your Role and Shut your Mouth! : – A funny cocky phrase used by the WWE wrestler The Rock. Use this only if you are certain that the other individual knows about Dwayne Johnson’s WWE career and that he will not take it to heart!

Yeah, you know me. You might just be pretending that you don’t.

Do you want me to remind you who I am?

Did you have your breakfast today dear? : – Its a bit of a sarcastic and funny reply and catches them off-guard for sure.

Really? How about you upgrade your memory capacity just like the RAM of your laptop?

Yeah. You are my brother from another mother.

I am the new spammer in the market, designed specifically to extract information from you. : – Use this only if you are confident that the other person will not block you.

I don’t think you know me but fortunately, I know you!

Flirty Reply to Do I Know You?

It’s a chance to show your flirtatious vibe. Who knows the recipient may like it and you two hit off. Beware that showing a Flirtatious vibe upon first interaction itself may result in you getting ghosted for future conversation.

My heart knows you and my brain will too. : – Since it’s a reply with a bit of flirtatiousness and humor, therefore you can use it on both genders.

I am the one you met me first time ten years ago! Now please guess?

Oh Yeah. : – Short, sweet funny reply but may arouse curiosity in the other person.

I think you know me from past life.

Well, No. But I know you very well as you have been running in my dreams for some time.

I am an unlocker expert who has the keys to your heart.


I hope you enjoyed reading the funny replies to Do I Know You. While you can use every bit of funny reply, know that the other person could be or may not be receptive to your responses. At times, they might not respond pleasantly too. However, funny replies do reflect a positive side of your personality, therefore use them whenever the right situation for conversation arrives.