With the apps like TrueCaller, you can avoid spam calls for the most part. But in recent times, the telemarketer and robotic callers are now using real-person like numbers in order to trick you into picking up the calls. So, if you have mistakenly picked up the spam call, what option do you have?

The first and foremost option you have is to disconnect the call. But you very well know that telemarketers will again call you from another phone number. Ideally, you want them to blacklist your number from calling you again. You may also get upset and scold them for wasting your time.

But why upset your mood for the day when there are some fun ways to do it which will compel them to delete your number for the good. With the usage of some funny and sarcastic responses, you will surprise them really hard. And they may even go the extreme length of not calling you again in future.

Funny Dirty replies to Phone Calls in case of Job Offers

I don’t need your job offer as I am already a multi-millionaire. I do need a servant for cleaning my dog poop. Are you eligible for that?

You are doing such an altruistic job. I wish Jesus sends more samaritans like you in future.

I am in awe of your skills to offer fake job offers. Do you mind teaching the same for $10 so I can also earn some money by trapping naive people. There are plenty in my area!

I only accept job offers from companies that credits me $100000 as joining bonus.

In Case of Lottery Winning

I would like to transfer this lottery winning to you my dear friend. I would also bonus you $5000 as a generosity. Please provide your address. I will personally come at your house to give you these benefits.

The phone is on speaker right now and my wife says that your’s is the sexiest voice she has ever heard. She wants to know how your voice will sound if you bark?

I have already won so many lotteries this year. I don’t want to win anymore. Thank you.

In Case of Real Estate / Loan offers Calls

Real Estate, Credit Cards, Loan offers calls are some common spam calls that have increased a lot in the last few years. When you answer them with dirty funny replies, you will see a remarkable decline in them calling you again.

Hi. Do you have a property that is exactly between $10000 – $100001. I would like to buy such property only at midnight as that is the best astrological time for investment.

I don’t need a loan but I have a database of 1000 people who wants a lot of loan. The charges of buying the database is $10000. Are you interested?

I would like to buy a property that you are offering me but can you please borrow me few hundred thousands for the time being. I assure I will return you within 3 years at 50% interest rates. Offer valid till 3 days only.

What not to do?

In any situation, do not start a debate or argument regarding the inauthenticity of the offer the fake people are trying to sell. Doing so will only upset your mood. Instead, try to engage in conversation that revolves around anything else except for the matter which the marketer has called you.

Funny Response to Unwanted Callers

My Dog is farting in a manner that has never been seen before by the human civilization? If you give me your cell number, I would send you some pictures.

I really like your voice. Do you mind in revealing the secret of it? I am sure your girlfriend must be so gaga about it.

You sound exactly like my Labrador dear! Are you a Labrador by any chance?

Can you tell me how much commission you are getting for trapping me in this nonsense thing?

I think I will take your product. But you will have to call me exactly at midnight if you want me to be your customer.

Do you have any female friend in mind that you can hook me up with?