Nothing could be more joyous for a woman than to know that she is out to give birth to a human life in the upcoming months. The more exciting part is letting everyone know about it. Ofcourse, it deserves to be told in a happy vibrant tone sandwiched with humor and creativity.

While you are the decider to reveal the news in whatever manner but we couldn’t thing of any other mood other than the feelings of joy, gratitude and humor that will surround you while you let the world know about the happy news. Ditch out that akwardness and shyness while announcing your pregnancy with the sentences given in our post.

Your spouse is usually the first one to who you reveal the happy news but telling it to other folks especially parents, and relatives might compel you to speak creatively about the baby coming rather than being absolutely straightforward. In this post, you will also find appropriate humor and one-liners to announce pregnancy to your colleagues, in laws and parents.

Funny Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Parents and Relatives

Hey Mom and Dad. It looks like our little science experiment has finally worked. We are expecting!

Dear family. We are soon going to be upgrading from two to three.

We are going to have to accomodate and share everything with a new person very soon. And we are extremely happy about it.

Dear Mom and Dad! We are about to start an 18 year chapter called as parenthood.

My bedtime routine now doesn’t involve book reading and mindless scrolling but to count the number of kicks in belly. Baby coming!

Please be ready for a new status of Aunt and Uncle.

Dear In Laws. You are about to get a new recruit very soon.

Dear Mom and Dad! You are getting a promotion in 9 months surely i.e. of Grandma and GrandPa

I am fond of wearing extra size T shirts these days not because I am covering the miracle thats happening in my belly these days.

We’ve upgraded from just being married to managing our in-laws and a baby—send help (and diapers)

Our parenthood begins now.

We may not have been able to grow plant babies in our house but we are certainly going to raise a human baby.

To my dear relatives. Prepare to face unexpected workload and requests in the next few months as our new member is on the way.

Creative Ways to Let you Colleagues know about pregnancy

If you folks think that my regular bathroom trips are purely because of hydration, you may want to think again. Baby on the way!

If you guys are wondering about my sudden desire to leave the gym sessions, it is because I am busy creating a future weight lifting champion.

My growing belly is not just because of over-eating. There is real human inside there who is enjoying foods all the time.

In case you guys are wondering why I have become the magnet of food cravings, it is because I have a food critic 24/7 now for 9 months.

I am practising my sleep-deprivation skills these days as it will come in handy after nine months.

Folks. I will be taking a new position in house very soon. From wifey to Chief Baby Officer.

I am sure you folks must be wondering why I am walking like a penguin. It is because my center of gravity has shifted, courtesy of the baby bump.

My latest project involves plenty of kicking, crying and late-night deliveries. A new member is arriving very soon.

I’ve got some exciting news but it isn’t related to any spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations—Actually I am pregnant.

From next few months, I will be managing not only our team and data but also the number of diapers and sleeping hours at my home. A new member is expected in few months.

Guys and Gals, Ladies and Gentlemen. Our office is about to get a new intern.

No need to worry about maternity leave coverage—I’ve already trained my replacement—literally

We have got a bun in the oven and its not like something that you will find in the bakery.