In your relatives or work area, you may have seen people commenting “I am not in the mood”. At times, people have genuine reasons for it and then there are times when people make that remark as an excuse. Whatever the scenario be, there are multiple reasons to throw a funny response to it. Not only it lightens the mood but also enhances communication and morale. In this post, there are plenty of responses for such remark.

You are not in the mood. That’s not a worry! I have brought plenty of that for both of us.

Should I get it published in tomorrow’s newspapers?

Time to start a pillow fight!

You want me to summon the mood genie to bang you with a cooking pan.

I guess you were born with a sad gene that activates itself at random times isn’t it!

You know I was born with the p.hD to boost moods of people around me.

I think its time to unleash the tickle monster.

What you want? You want me to do dance naked to the song “Who let the dogs out?”

Aah. The mood police strikes again. I wonder how much bribe it would be needed this time to send it away.

Joking replies When the other person is just making excuses

I think your favourite p**n***r is livestreaming at this moment isn’t it!

I may not be able to boost your mood but I can certainly boost your heart rate by giving you two kicks on your behind. What you say?

Stop making excuses! If you do not rectify your mood quickly, I will message all your dirty secrets to your mommy!

If there would be Oscars for misery, it should go to you my friend!

I think you need to be bombarded with puppy videos now!

Sarcastic Responses

Oh I am Glad. I was worried that you want to enjoy life and have laughter and fun.

If you would have been paid to be a saddie, you would be a millionaire by now.

Great timing! I was just thinking I needed more rejection in my life.

I think you have not been given a VIP treatment for a long time.

I wonder you have teamed up with my dog in order to give me silent treatment at times.

Hmm. Did your wife compared you to her Dad?

Thats awesome. I was woried that you might ask me to order a pizza for you.

Not in the mood? That’s alright, I’ll just go talk to the plants instead. They’re more responsive anyway.

Fantastic. I guess we need some akward silence time in between us instead of talking to each other.